Lit Fibre Leads in the UK With Launch of Software-Defined Calix Intelligent Access EDGE Network, Significantly Reducing OPEX

Lit Fibre is leveraging the software-defined Calix Intelligent Access EDGE to build a 10G XGS-PON network that will rapidly deliver speeds 14 times faster than the UK average and enable dramatic savings on OPEX to simplify their business

SAN JOSE, CA – February 1, 2022 – Calix, Inc (NYSE: CALX) today announced Lit Fibre has selected the Intelligent Access EDGE, powered by the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS®), to build a future-proof 10G XGS-PON network that will deliver always on, high-speed broadband services to over 500,000 homes by 2025. Leveraging the software capabilities of the Network Innovation Platform and E9-2 Intelligent EDGE system, Lit Fibre is aiming to improve subscriber installation times. The Lit Fibre deployment is expected to serve as a flagship model for a new generation of Always On networks that will allow new European service providers to quickly roll out fiber networks in new markets, turn-up subscriber services, and ramp revenues.

With the Intelligent Access EDGE and Network Innovation platform, Lit Fibre is joining over 225 broadband service providers (BSPs) that are deploying future-proof 10G XGS-PON networks and accomplishing the following:

  • Simplifying network operations: The Subscriber Management Module (SMm) and Routing Protocol Module (RPm) enable BSPs to simplify their network by consolidating subscriber management, aggregation, and access network functions. Aggregating multiple functions at the access edge creates an optimized, high-performance network that simplifies broadband service delivery.
  • Accelerating subscriber turnups. The E9-2 supports automated network service provisioning via SMx. This capability delivers massive improvements in network operations efficiency—simplifying ONT service activation by reducing the time required to install and turn up new services.
  • Optimizing back-office integrations. Consistent software operations—regardless of the physical infrastructure layer—simplify network operations and dramatically reduce OSS/BSS system integration time. By leveraging a common model, integration timelines are cut from months to days. With AXOS Sandbox, Lit Fibre can also test its API integrations against a virtual E9-2 instead of a dedicated lab blade.
  • Delivering an Always On 10G network. The AXOS toolbox, which includes tcpdump, VCA, and other critical tools, will assist Lit Fibre with troubleshooting and operations. By deploying the Intelligent Access EDGE, critical services remain operational even with fiber cuts. In addition, the Network Innovation Platform ensures zero downtime for maintenance and upgrades.

The Calix partnership with Lit Fibre further de-risks supply chain constraints by offering diverse, industry-standards based sourcing options for new subscriber installations. This unique approach is made possible by the longstanding Calix commitment to meet broadband industry standards across its entire portfolio—from the access network to the subscriber edge.

“Lit Fibre has publicly announced we have work underway in eight towns and communities, and we’ve already launched services in three of these towns,” says Tom Williams, CEO of Lit Fibre. “A key reason we’ve been able to deploy so quickly is the simplified network and operations delivered by the Calix platform. We’ve reduced the time to deploy new services, accelerated subscriber installations, and cut operations expenses.”

"We are incredibly excited to partner with Lit Fibre to build a 10G XGS-PON network that will deliver high-speed services to 500,000 UK homes by 2026,” said Mark Dressler, executive vice president of global sales at Calix. “This will help Lit Fibre grow real value for local communities by bolstering the work-from-home economy. With the Network Innovation Platform and E9-2, Lit Fibre is joining other Calix customers like City Fibre and Grayshott Gigabit who are building 10G XGS-PON networks and seeing a massive improvement over industry standard integration times, exciting subscribers with incredibly fast speeds, accelerating time to market, and increasing revenue.”

Learn more about the Intelligent Access EDGE solution and view the replay of our recent webinar “10G Fiber Networks for the Future: Top Considerations From the Experts.


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