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What if you could easily capture the untapped opportunity of MDUs in your network?

Deliver a gigabit experience over existing infrastructure
with Calix AXOS E3 and E5 Indoor/Sealed MDU nodes

What if you could easily capture the untapped opportunity of MDUs in your network?

Deliver a gigabit experience over existing infrastructure
with Calix AXOS E3 and E5 Indoor/Sealed MDU nodes

Innovators are leveraging Calix AXOS Gfast to
capture the MDU opportunity


A winning MDU strategy for delivering next-generation gigabit services

SandyNet, the city of Sandy, Oregon's municipal broadband utility, deploys Calix AXOS Gfast and GPON solutions to deliver a next generation gigabit experience to MDUs throughout the city. Learn more about their deployment strategy in the video above.    

Learn how you can turn the MDU challenge into
a revenue opportunity

Some will see difficulty in serving buildings. You’ll see new revenue opportunities. Learn more about Calix’s new revolutionary MDU solution.

Deploying premium broadband to the MDU

The Calix AXOS Gfast solutions are opening a massive new market opportunity for service providers. If you are looking for an efficient and low cost way to add new subscribers and extract higher revenue from subscribers in MDUs in your market by delivering a sensational gigabit experience over existing infrastructure, then this webinar is for you. Learn how to turn the often neglected MDU market into a formidable strategic opportunity with Calix!


Not all MDUs are alike, so how do you efficiently
deliver broadband to them all?

Subscribers in MDUs have the same service expectations as those living in single-family homes. Calix AXOS Gfast delivers an always on next-generation gigabit experience to a broad range of MDUs.



Calix Indoor/Sealed MDU and DPU Gfast Nodes

Calix AXOS E3-16F Gfast Sealed Access Node


  • 16 subscriber ports
  • Pay-as-you-succeed model
  • Single visit installation and activation
  • Sealed environmentally hardened
  • Technician-friendly access    

Calix AXOS E5-16F MDU Gfast Node


  • 106MHz Gfast
  • 1 x RJ-21 up to 16 subscribers
  • Vectoring enabled
  • Installation options available

844F and 844FB GigaCenters

Next generation copper access technology

The 844F is a powerful, Gfast service delivery center compatible with Calix E3-16F/E5-16F Access Nodes and industry standard Gfast solutions.


  • G.fast (844F) or bonded Gfast (844FB) 
  • 2 POTS ports
  • 4GE LAN ports

Product Attributes

  • Gigabit service capable (844FB)
  • 2.4GHz 802.11n and 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 services
  • UPS alarm telemetry

Calix award-winning Gfast solutions are built on the AXOS platform

Deliver AXOS everywhere. Learn how you can transform your business today.

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Simplify and accelerate your business with AXOS software.

Get started with AXOS Sandbox

Get a head start on back office integration with AXOS Sandbox.

Learn more about AXOS Systems

Deploy AXOS systems from the central office / headend to the remote node.


Calix Perspectives offer our thought leadership on MDU Gfast Systems and Solutions

See how Calix experts are your innovation partner for Gfast MDU solutions


Whatever your transformation objectives, our Professional Services team can help you do it better, faster, and more cost effectively

Accelerate delivery and management of new and innovative services to your network

Calix offer a portfolio of services that will help speed your time to market and return on investment as you plan and deploy new services for your network.


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