Can you build a headend or central office without walls?

Now you can.

FTTH has a bold new look

AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node

A revolutionary new approach to fiber access architectures. Reach more, see more, be more. 

Network expansion is often hindered by traditional infrastructure. The E3-2 Intelligent PON Node eliminates constraints – including cabinets – so service providers can benefit from distributed network intelligence in the outside plant.  Be bold and reach more subscribers, see more of what’s happening in the network, and be more than a broadband connection provider.

E3-2 Intelligent PON Node Highlights

  • Built with AXOS, the World’s only Software Defined Access platform.
  • Intelligent. Support for either layer 2 or enhanced layer 3 services.
  • anyPON™ and anySDN™ ready.
  • Unprecedented flexibility. High density, Distributed Access Architectures or low density, hard to reach rural customers.
  • Bold and rugged.  IP-68 rated for the toughest of environmental conditions.
  • Fast to Market. Eliminate land acquisition and permitting delays with a “deploy anywhere” design.

Video LIbrary: AXOS E3-2 Overview

Calix VP of Systems Products, Shane Eleniak explains how Calix’s AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node does more than disrupt the economics of fiber deployment, it revolutionizes service provider OPEX profiles.

Jim Brede, Senior Product Line Leader, provides a detailed overview of the AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node and its innovative modularity.

Webinar Replay: An In-Depth Look at the E3-2

Reinventing how operators deploy FTTH with environmentally hardened, intelligent PON.

Distributed Access Architecture

Before: Traditional Network Architecture

Typical Metropolitan Serving Area with one master headend and two to seven hub sites.

The E3-2 Intelligent PON Node, is a revolutionary system designed to collapse access and service edge functions in a distributed fiber architecture.


After: Distributed Access/Service Management Collapse

80% TCO savings realized with deployment of E3-2 Intelligent Nodes and the shuttering of hubs.

That’s right, with the optional Routing Protocol Module (RPm) and subscriber management capability you can integrate routing and subscriber management. You can decommission your aggregation router and move the functions, along with the OLT, from a hub or central office into a hardened, intelligent system. As a result, operators can extend the reach of data centers catalyzing the collapse of hubs and costly managed facilities leading to dramatic reductions in TCO.


Extending the reach of PON

Reach more subscribers

The E3-2 provides service providers unprecedented network expansion opportunities. Expand into neighboring towns or business districts using strand or pole mounted options to expand footprint and capture more subscribers.

Seamless Integration

Software Defined Access

The AXOS E3-2 is ideally suited for virtualized functions and facilitates a seamless and elegant transformation to software defined access. The E3-2 eliminates operational complexity and reduces the costs to operate their network.

The Power of Modularity

The E3-2 simplifies the upgrade path from Gigabit to multi-Gigabit PON with field replaceable modules. Individual PON modules can be upgraded without impacting neighboring services. All it takes is a screwdriver. 

Accelerate Time to Market

Seamlessly integrate into networks by leveraging existing right-of-ways and power. The bold and rugged enclosure has a ‘deploy anywhere’ design and can be mounted aerially, in a pedestal, or on a pole. This flexibility dramatically reduces costs while accelerating construction and service activation.  Forget about land acquisition and permitting delays -  deploy faster with the E3-2! 

Tech Specs

Attribute Specification
PON module capacity 2
GPON ports 4 per module (8 per E3-2)
XGS-PON/NG-PON2 ports 2 per module (4 per E3-2)
10G EPON ports 2 per module (4 per E3-2)
Network uplink ports 4 x 10GE XFP
Routing protocols IS-IS (IPv4, IPv6), BGP (IPv4, IPv6), OSPFv2 (IPv4)
Environmental rating IP68
Power consumption 140 Watts max
Power supply options 60VAC/90VAC coax, -48VDC, commercial AC, ±190VDCspan power
Operating temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Physical dimensions (WxHxD) 11.5in x 9.65in x 22in (29.2cm x 24.5cm x 55.9cm)

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