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Jun 03, 2024
3 min

Why Amazon and eero Are a Threat and How Calix Can Help You Protect Your Business

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Amazon is one of the greatest threats to broadband service providers (BSPs) today. They are coming for your subscribers, and it starts with eero. Amazon has touted its consumer-direct broadband internet constellation and planned network of over 3,000 satellites (which, based on FCC requirements, must be half-deployed by 2026). From there, it’s a short step to connecting every eero device to the Amazon network. And even without the satellite network, adopting eero is a slippery slope path to self-inflicted service commoditization.

As a BSP, you must understand how Amazon’s direct relationship with your subscribers directly threatens your business.

  • Their brand is front and center. Amazon's omnipresent brand is reinforced with eero devices in the home, while their app establishes a direct commercial relationship with your subscribers. With your full support, Amazon knows your subscriber’s contact info and credit card number.

  • They offer to help—first with fulfillment and then with frontline customer support. Add your subscriber’s address, family, and online device details to the list of data Amazon knows.

  • They know data. Amazon understands the power of subscriber data and how to capitalize on it to specifically target your subscribers. And with your help, Amazon knows more about your subscribers than you do.

Amazon still needs your fast internet connection–for now–but they don’t need you to support THEIR customers.

By contrast, Calix has bet exclusively on YOUR success. That’s why we give you the tools and support you need to become the consumer giant in your market.

  • Put your brand first. The Calix CommandIQ® mobile app puts your brand in front of the customer to self-manage devices. And with every new capability and service launch, Calix ensures your brand is visible—strengthening your reputation.

  • Ensure you own the relationship. Unlike partnering with a consumer giant, when subscribers cancel their broadband service, their Calix GigaSpire® devices stop working. Or, if a subscriber cancels Arlo Secure service with you, Arlo will never market to them. You own the relationship, period.

  • The most advanced real-time data engine built for service providers. Calix Cloud (Operations Cloud, Engagement Cloud, and Service Cloud) enables data-driven insights that rival your biggest competitors—providing a better understanding of your subscribers and enabling personalized interactions and differentiated subscriber experiences that increase satisfaction, build loyalty, and reduce churn.

In addition, Calix provides two unique benefits:

  • Deliver exciting new experiences. Provide everything your community needs to connect and thrive by delivering unrivaled experiences where subscribers live, work, learn, and play with SmartLife™ managed services.

  • Link the network to the subscriber. Only a Calix-enabled BSP can link the subscriber Wi-Fi network to the access network through cloud automation. This means fewer truck rolls, greater customer satisfaction, incredible OPEX savings, and zero regrettable churn. There is no comparable solution.

Amazon is coming for your subscribers and is a current threat to your business. Don’t give them a foot in the door with eero. Protect your brand and business by partnering with Calix.

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss how Calix can help protect your brand and retain your subscribers.

Vice President, Solution & Product Marketing, Calix

Alan DiCicco is the vice president of Solution and Product Marketing at Calix. Alan leverages a breadth of marketing and systems design experience in software platforms, optical access, Wi-Fi, and managed services to bring value to broadband managed service providers and ecosystem partners. His past communications industry experience includes senior roles in solutions marketing and product management. He also spent the first few years of his career working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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