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May 28, 2024
3 min

3 Ways a Platform Easily Enables You To Assure the Subscriber Experience

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Subscribers have more options for internet service than ever, even in previously underserved rural markets. To win, you must consistently ensure an exceptional subscriber experience by delivering packages with value-added managed services, bandwidth aligned to subscriber usage, always-on connectivity, and unparalleled service and support.

It’s a common struggle for broadband service providers (BSPs) to balance this with the complexity and cost of managing services and networks. The good news is that the Calix Broadband Platform provides everything you need to meet the challenge.


Using the Platform To Assure the Subscriber Experience

Here are three ways to assure your subscriber with the power of the Calix Broadband Platform.

  • Simplified speed and latency testing to scale for growth with efficiency. A standout feature of Calix Cloud® is the ability to easily run on-demand multi-gigabit speed and latency testing (up to 10 Gbps) for service validation and troubleshooting. This capability, which includes TR-143 as a standard to cover any market size and location, enables adding multiple servers for geographically dispersed markets to improve latency for optimized testing results. In addition to testing GigaSpire® systems and other third-party residential gateways, BSPs can leverage the industry’s only on-demand optical network terminal (ONT) speed and latency testing as part of the end-to-end integrated platform. With the click of a button, support and operations teams can streamline issue resolution for network performance and subscribers. Furthermore, subscribers can validate their speeds independently using CommandIQ® for residential or CommandWorx™ for small businesses.

  • Automated monitoring and reporting to ensure network health. The latest automation technologies give you actionable insights about key network events affecting subscribers, services, and systems so you can proactively identify and address issues before they impact subscribers. New capabilities in Calix Operations Cloud allow you to use geo-mapping to quickly filter and locate high-value subscribers during disruptions to prioritize them for even faster support and issue resolution. Additionally, you can save time and money with fully configurable reports on network alarms and traffic trends with automated delivery. 

  • Expert guidance to help assure the broadband experience. Think of Calix Success as the “easy button” to deliver your broadband assurance strategy. Whether you need help optimizing your network performance or running FCC performance testing, Calix Success can provide insights, analytical tools, network consulting, and actionable guidance.

Capabilities to assure the broadband experience on the Calix Broadband Platform are enabling Stupp Fiber to deliver an exceptional service experience that exceeds subscriber expectations. With Calix multi-gig testing, customer support representatives and subscribers can validate speeds for Stupp Fiber’s 6 Gbps offering, increasing satisfaction, together with Calix SmartHome™ managed services. Using automated notifications, their operations team receives proactive alerts if an optical network terminal (ONT) goes offline or experiences low light levels so they can address problems immediately. And Stupp Fiber’s commitment to experience is winning subscribers over as shown in their +94 Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®)—helping them beat out larger, national players.


Learn more about Calix broadband assurance capabilities. Download our broadband assurance solution brief.


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