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Jan 19, 2024
4 min

Your 2024 Marketing Strategy Starts With Persona-Based Product Offerings

Broadband marketers have a job to do in 2024: Move away from marketing products based on speed and price and toward value-based offerings that differentiate your brand and drive revenue.

Broadband service providers (BSPs) are in an interesting position. Competition is challenging your hold on local communities, and many of the bigger service providers can offer the same speeds and lower prices. If you want to fortify your market position, you must separate yourself with product offerings that cater to the specific needs of families, work-from-homers, gamers, and more.

To do this you’ll need to focus on two things specifically: 

  • persona-based offering strategy that communicates value and service to your subscribers
  • Managed services that create the right packages for residential subscribers, businesses, and community spaces.

Calix has launched managed services such as SmartTown®, SmartBiz™, and SmartMDU™ along with SmartHome™ solutions that offer complete coverage for every subscriber no matter how they work, play, and live. Now is the time to leverage managed services, Calix Customer Success, and all the tools we offer to create better products and more targeting marketing.

Building Better Product Offerings in 2024

Good products make it easier for marketers to drive loyalty and win new subscribers. Your offering strategy is the foundation of your campaign efforts, your personalized engagement, and your brand. In other words, it’s not enough to offer 100 gigs to a subscriber who’s looking for parental controls, a safer internet, and ways to keep their kids from the harms of cyberbullying. 

If you build an offering strategy that speaks directly to the needs of your subscribers—the parents, the work-from-home professionals, the gamers—you can put people at the heart of your products and create marketing that differentiates your brand from the Tier 1 providers who know they can outpace anyone on speed and price. 

Embrace Managed Services as a Differentiator

Managed services sit at the heart of any persona-based product strategy. With Calix SmartHome, you can offer unparalleled services your subscribers want. Don’t offer families 100 gigs, offer them security through robust parental controls and Bark social media monitoring. A work-from-home professional doesn’t want cheap internet, they want to know their Zoom calls and productivity apps won’t glitch at the wrong moment.

While managed services can quickly boost your residential subscriber marketing, Calix can help BSPs cover every subscriber from the local business owner to the festival attendee. SmartBiz can help marketers reach small businesses with a purpose-built solution that allows small businesses to thrive. SmartTown covers subscribers at ball games, local events, and festivals. 

Ultimately, people want to see themselves in the products and services they purchase. And people don’t identify with speed and price, they see themselves in a Guardian Family Plan or a Gamer offering that delivers what they need according to who they are, on- and offline.

Calix Can Help You Do It

Change can be difficult, especially if you’re going through it alone. We don’t believe you should. In this Marketing Beacon, you’ll hear stories about how Calix is helping Panhandle Telephone Cooperative transition to a persona-based product and marketing strategy that’s increasing ARPU and engagement. You’ll read about how Hunter Communications began offering family plans that consider the specific needs of their communities.

In both instances, the Calix Success Team was there to help craft the right product strategy, leverage Calix Engagement Cloud to identify the right market, and create marketing materials through the Electronic Content Builder.

Now that we’ve turned the calendar and started a new year, it’s time to embrace new strategies that can help grow your value to the community. A persona-based offering strategy can match your products to the needs of your subscribers, revolutionize your marketing, and keep competitors at bay.

Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Calix

Matt is the chief commercial operations officer (CCO) at Calix. He leads supply chain operations, demand management, commercial strategy and analytics, field operations, and global process transformation. Matt also leads the go-to-market team responsible for corporate, field, and product marketing, partner operations, and business development. Over his career, Matt has built and led marketing and strategy teams at Dun & Bradstreet, IBM, McKinsey, and Merck. Matt earned his MBA from Harvard University and a B.A. from Dartmouth College.

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