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Aug 17, 2023
3 min

What Is It Like Being a Marketing Intern At Calix?

My time at Calix was my first real work experience, which was thrilling and nerve-wracking. As I embark on another internship and reflect on my time here, I am grateful for the incredible opportunity and all the wisdom and knowledge I gained during my 90 days.

Upon receiving my Calix internship acceptance letter, I experienced a range of emotions. At first, I was relieved that my interviews were successful and that my worries were just nerves. I felt anticipation as I wanted to join a wonderful team of individuals who genuinely cared about my success and were interested in my story. I also felt nervous about how quickly I could understand the industry and adapt to a remote work environment. Above all, I was excited to embark on a new chapter in my education and career.

My concerns quickly dissolved at Calix, as I was warmly welcomed to the team and mentored in ways that will positively impact my future career.

My Team

I was thrilled to begin my role as a Product Marketing Intern at Calix, surrounded by seasoned professionals in my desired field. As part of my onboarding, I attended one-on-one meetings with colleagues to learn about their roles. I was welcomed with warm smiles and quickly felt like a valued team member. I formed close relationships with colleagues who provided invaluable guidance and support beyond our weekly meetings. I am grateful for their insights in navigating the new environment and helping me envision my future. Thank you to my team!

My Intern Project

I was privileged to work on a project that allowed me to make a difference. When I met my manager, Andre Viera, I shared my educational background, which includes an undergraduate degree in marketing and a Master's in business analytics. He created a custom project that aligned with my interests and allowed me to explore different possibilities while connecting with knowledgeable experts. I studied the market segments Calix targets and interviewed the field marketing team to understand specific segments better. I will analyze my findings to see if this information can improve how Calix markets its products. I am excited to present my work and share my success with others as my internship ends, and hope my efforts will positively impact the marketing department.

My Connections

If I had to sum up my intern experience in one word, it would be "spirited." Everyone I met at Calix was welcoming and inclusive. I was worried about the lack of collaboration and networking opportunities in a remote work environment, but my relationships with fellow interns and colleagues created a sense of camaraderie and a network that extended beyond the internship. The talent and culture team fostered strong relationships among interns from all over North America. They hosted team bonding activities, such as a virtual escape quest and an "around the campfire" s'mores event for National Intern Day, that brought us together and

provided a fantastic onboarding experience. These activities generated plenty of laughs and made each week more exciting.

I am excited to move forward in my career and will always recognize how my time at Calix shaped me into the person I am, professionally and personally. If you’re seeking an internship, I highly encourage you to explore intern opportunities at Calix!

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