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Jan 10, 2023
4 min

Creating Giants Will Recharge Your Career by Helping Communities Everywhere

What do communities need most to support the way people live, work, and play today? They need a broadband service provider (BSP) willing to become a giant. At Calix, we consider our customers to be giants. Not because of their size, but because they’re stepping forward to make a positive difference in the lives of their subscribers. A Calix giant is any BSP, large or small, that wants to give back by bringing a truly reimagined broadband service to their region. It’s not just about infrastructure and hardware—it's about managed services built on top of Calix end-to-end platforms. Managed services are how we cut to the heart of what matters: subscriber experience.

And to help us serve those customers as they grow value for their communities, we need “giant-makers.” That could be you.


Why Subscriber Experience Is at the Heart of What We Do

Many of you subscribe to a broadband service. We buy internet packages and use Wi-Fi to check emails, play video games, stream movies, and build out smart homes. As subscribers, we all understand that it’s not internet speeds or pricing that truly differentiates the provider we choose. It boils down to our overall experience and how we feel it’s going, not the speed test results. We care about Wi-Fi working without interruption, great support, and having the managed services we crave.

For example, we want to reset our Wi-Fi passwords easily on a mobile app from anywhere in our home. We want to be rest assured security is handled for us—without any lift on our end. We want our connected cameras to keep us safe and never disconnect. We want our children to be protected from online bullying without manually monitoring every online interaction. All this matters to us because it’s about an experience—where we’re moving seamlessly throughout our devices and systems without ever needing to know anything more about it.


What Calix Does Differently—and How We Help BSPs Evolve Into Giants

These are just some of the managed services that Calix provides for BSPs. We offer these services to BSPs because we understand what it’s like to be subscribers—and we’re experts in what BSPs need to deliver these managed services to new markets and increase customer acquisition.

Our platform is designed to extend—keeping BSPs in a single ecosystem without extra headache. BSPs don’t need to buy more platforms or integrate more solutions. All of this is costly, arduous, and leaves BSPs vulnerable to misalignment that ultimately affects subscriber loyalty. By choosing Calix, they can settle in for long-term growth and true scalability. We’ll be there every step of the way.

As Calix helps each BSP start thinking differently and positions them to compete against those big players like Comcast or Spectrum, we help communities access the connectivity they need: for equal access to education, local economic growth, small business development, and streamlined emergency responses. We want every child to get homework done—without driving to the McDonald’s near the highway to use their Wi-Fi. We want every local business to prosper with seamless POS and inventory management. We want every arena to be filled with excited attendees, rapidly snapping pictures and sharing them. We want every EMT to be quickly dispatched, equipped with all the tools they need with zero downtime. Connectivity is the key to unlocking this community development.

We work with a lot of electric cooperatives that are doing this—and people may not realize all that they do. Electric cooperatives cover 56 percent of the land mass in the United States, owning and managing 42 percent of all electrical distribution lines. Even more interesting, they serve 92 percent of the persistent poverty-stricken counties in this entire country. So, when we help them, we’re reaching underserved counties and making a difference right there.

At this year’s ConneXions, we honored a group of BSPs that are true giants in their categories with our Innovations Awards. Here are some of the incredible things these customers are doing: 

  • Giant of Marketing, Mt. Horeb Telephone Company (MHTC) deployed an omni-channel marketing campaign that produced conversion rates as high as 50 percent. They also build unwavering customer loyalty by becoming data-drive and customer-centric as an organization—boosting their Net Promotor Score℠ (NPS®) to ~90 (three times the telecommunications industry average).
  • Giant of Customer Support, YK Communications creatively approached customer support by leveraging social media and videos to help their customer service representatives (CSRs) proactively reach and engage subscribers. They also applied data analytics and insights from Calix Support Cloud® to better align their organization for a business transformation that puts “subscribers first.”
  • Giant of Operations, Sterling Local Area Municipal Broadband (LAMB) uses a full Calix end-to-end solution to deliver cutting-edge services to their subscribers. With insightful data they find by using Calix Operations Cloud®, they’ve reduced human error and provisioning times by up to 67 percent.
  • Giant of Engineering, Ciello embraced the Intelligent Access EDGE platform to simplify their network by re-architecting it and improving security at the same time. When a broadcast storm hit, they were able to resolve the issue quickly—with zero subscribers impacted.
  • Giant of Sustainability, AcenTek has reduced energy consumption in the access edge by 73 percent—taking a green approach across their entire subscriber-facing network. By taking proactive steps, they’re ensuring a better community for generations to come.  

We all question what we’re doing, what purpose our lives bring to the world. But that’s why our work at Calix is so exciting. If you want to bring real change to communities, especially underserved ones, this is your opportunity. As with many things, it may not always be available. It’s time to take it.

Ready to make a difference in underserved communities of all sizes and help BSPs become giants? Browse our current open positions



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