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Jan 31, 2023
2 min

Why I Love Calix: Creative Problem Solving

For my entire career I’ve been working in software development as an engineer/manager. My roles have included working on different phases of the product lifecycle, from conception through deployment. These include complex telecom projects like the Verizon FIOS network. 

I have worked in startups and large companies, and I’m very pleased to be on the Calix team as a System Engineer and Architect II, where I can use my technical expertise and see it getting applied to real-world applications.

It’s important that we bring technical focus to the product team. We’re building products for broadband service providers (BSPs) who may have lean teams and little time to create cloud-based solutions like ours. Our solutions must be easy-to-use, agile, and designed to meet the needs of not only the BSPs—but their subscribers, too.


What’s different at Calix? Creative problem solving

For me, it’s all about creative problem solving. With years of experience at different sized companies, I’ve found that the best solutions are challenging to build—but in an exciting way. It’s not enough to just follow a laid-out path. I enjoy learning new things and enhancing my technical skills. At Calix, we value new ideas and perspectives and encourage individuals to develop their skills. We have roundtable discussions filled with diverse ideas, which lead to better overall decisions and solutions. 

I’ve been working on the OneCloud flow data collection system for a couple of years now. It’s been an exciting project to be part of, and I love being able to directly see how our customers’ networks are growing. This means their businesses are also growing.


How does my future look at Calix? Filled with exciting technical challenges and growth

As I look ahead at my future with Calix, I want to continue supporting our customers in a way that really benefits them and the communities they serve. I will be focusing on improving the scalability of the flow collection system—which has a lot of technical challenges! This helps us grow the team and further develop everyone’s technical expertise. 

I hope to make a real difference to underserved communities, as our solutions directly address this. I am proud to be on the Calix team, where I can utilize my technical skills to help drive and optimize cloud products in a culture that’s built for high performers. 


Interested in creative problem solving like Graham? Check out our open positions here.

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