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Feb 14, 2023
2 min

Why I Love Calix: Exploring New Cloud Technologies


Many product teams are focused on cloud technologies—but none, except Calix, have zeroed in on the broadband industry. It’s this unique challenge that brought me to Calix, where I’m continually encouraged to bring my passion, inquisitiveness, and collaborative personality to every aspect of my role as Staff Software Engineer.

If you haven’t heard about the broadband industry or Calix, that’s okay. Many software engineers haven’t, but I’m so excited to be on this product team because we’re doing things that nobody else is doing.

What’s different at Calix? Exploring new cloud technologies for an industry that needs it.

In the United States, many broadband service providers (BSPs) are serving communities that are underserved. These may be rural communities or lower income communities, but everyone needs reliable broadband. With more people working from home and children learning on tablets, broadband internet has become a central utility.

Calix creates solutions for these BSPs. We design and build a portfolio of cloud products that BSPs can use to better serve their subscribers. Happy subscribers equal happy BSPs, which equals happy product team! Cloud products are common in many B2B industries, but not in broadband. This is the only place setting the standard for a cloud platform in the broadband industry—and that’s why it’s such an exciting time to join the team.

Our new cloud technologies don’t just serve other professionals, like many others do. They also serve the communities and subscribers supported by our customers, making a big impact on the world. And they are exciting and challenging to build. The Calix culture is about bringing together self-starters from all across the world to collaborate on these new cloud technologies.

How does my future look at Calix? Professional growth and leadership opportunities.

As I look to the next chapter of my career at Calix, I’m excited to improve my leadership skills and grow a team. I enjoy how everyone here has a voice—and that’s the type of team I want to lead. At Calix, there’s a feeling of belonging. From the top down, leaders here care about their employees and invest a lot of time to drive the greater purpose and mission of Calix.

There’s no better time to explore a career here—and I encourage you to look at the product team’s open positions if this sounds like the right place for you.

Interested in exploring new cloud technologies like Sam? Check out our open positions here.

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