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Jan 05, 2023
4 min

A Tale of Two Cities: 3 Ways BSPs Can Increase Subscriber Loyalty

It’s a familiar Calix customer success story. For years, a broadband service provider (BSP) expands their services area, growing their subscriber base and transforming their business by embracing managed services. In that time, they become embedded in the community they serve; their subscribers are friends, family, and neighbors. On the surface, all seems well, but that’s not the whole picture.  

Recently, the Calix Business Insights Services team worked with one such BSP. A customer loyalty analysis revealed some surprising results, including dramatic variations in their loyalty scores based on geography. In one part of their territory, they enjoyed strong loyalty from subscribers. Meanwhile, in another region nearby, their scores were significantly less positive. While the BSP anticipated some discrepancies, they were not prepared for such a significant divergence in the numbers. They knew they needed to address this loyalty issue because, while geography might be the most noticeable pattern, it alone cannot account for these different subscriber experiences. They needed deeper insights. 

Digging Into the Data To Uncover Hidden Trends and Provide Recommendations

Calix Business Insights Services helps BSP customers like this one uncover the various factors at play and develop strategies to address them. As part of our engagements, we look at standard loyalty and satisfaction measures and examine subscriber experience data in Calix Marketing Cloud that contributes to satisfaction and loyalty. This includes service tier, tenure of service, subscriber personas, whether they’re using managed services, how many they’re using, and other measures. We overlay demographic data to identify trends around age, income, and many other characteristics. We also review the qualitative survey responses to gain additional insight into subscriber happiness. With this complete analysis, we provide an action plan with specific recommendations to help BSPs move the needle on loyalty.

Three Insights To Help BSP Marketers Build Satisfaction and Loyalty

In our engagement with this BSP, it was clear they needed to tailor their marketing approach for their different sets of subscribers. Here are three insights to help every BSP marketer build satisfaction and loyalty.   

  1. Remember, your subscriber base is not monolithic. Even in relatively small territories, there can be dramatic differences among subscribers. Taking a one-size-fits-all marketing approach will not succeed. Show your subscribers you understand them. Ensure your offers meet their specific needs, tailor messages so they resonate and use the channels subscribers prefer.   
  2. Nurture your subscriber relationships at every step of the journey. Make sure your long-standing subscribers feel as appreciated as your newest. Reach out to subscribers regularly—don’t let the monthly bill or support calls be your primary interaction. Consider loyalty programs to reinforce subscribers’ decision to stay with you. Referral programs can help you reward loyal subscribers and acquire new subscribers.   
  3. Communicate your value to subscribers and your communities. Satisfaction can be improved when subscribers need clarification on price and value. It’s crucial to show subscribers how your services enrich their lives and make their communities better places to live and work. Undertake marketing campaigns that demonstrate the positive impact your company delivers.   

Although many BSPs prioritize subscriber acquisition, it’s equally important to focus on building loyalty and reducing churn because it’s less expensive to retain existing subscribers. In fact, it can cost up to five times more to sign up a new customer than to keep a current one. And subscriber loyalty can have a significant impact on profitability. Increasing customer retention by just 5 percent can help brands increase profits 25 to 95 percent. Increasing customer loyalty can have real business impact—and Calix Business Insights Services can help you maximize this impact.

Learn more about Calix Business Insights Services and how you can get involved in our subscriber loyalty engagement. Contact us today

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