November 1, 2021 by Matt Howard

Why Marketing Is Now the Number-One Driver for Growing Your Broadband Business


In today’s highly competitive and dynamic broadband services market, subscribers have many options. And, as a broadband service provider (BSP), you have invested millions in your network. To monetize that network, you must successfully market your brand and services. If you take the right approach to marketing, you can drive subscriber acquisition, create upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and achieve breakthrough growth.

Specifically, broadband marketers need two types of data to run their marketing programs—behavioral and demographic. When you harness this combination, you can start operating at the level of world-class marketing teams and transform how you grow your business.

That’s why Calix recently launched Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition. This solution combines rich behavioral data specific to the broadband industry with demographic data from 122 million U.S. households with insights like age, family composition, income level, and technology adoption rates. It will set the standard for the broadband industry by integrating 10 major lifestyle groups and 53 syndicated audience personas built from over 10,000 demographic and behavioral attributes.

Here are three ways this groundbreaking marketing platform can help BSPs simplify and accelerate their growth.

  1. Create strategic fiber build-out plans that drive ROI. Marketers can contribute to the fiber build-out planning process by identifying the neighborhoods and locations—down to the street—with the highest concentrations of potential high-value subscribers. This enables BSPs to better manage new build expenses while prioritizing the fiber installs that will yield the highest and fastest return on investment (ROI). Once the install is complete, marketers can focus acquisition campaigns on the subscribers who most closely match their existing high-value customer profiles.
  2. Drive growth by identifying and acquiring new subscribers. It’s imperative for BSPs of all sizes to find the right subscribers to help grow the business. By leveraging behavioral and demographic data, marketers can locate and profile markets and acquire net new subscribers. Rather than ineffective “spray and pray” tactics, BSPs can strategically carry out acquisition campaigns that maximize spend and yield the highest return.
  3. Execute effective upsell campaigns to increase ARPU. Marketers can focus on high-impact campaigns that will increase average revenue per user (ARPU) while maximizing ROI. For example, a BSP marketer can combine a behavioral insight like bandwidth usage with demographic intelligence like income level to run a managed Wi-Fi upsell campaign. Or marketers could leverage whether a subscriber has adopted a specific service and merge that with a demographic insight to then run a cross-sell campaign.

These new capabilities build on the rich functionality of Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) in the Revenue EDGE platform. Calix Marketing Cloud is the only marketing platform purpose-built for the BSP marketer that uses contextual, behavioral data specific to the broadband industry. With integrations with Mailchimp and Facebook—with HubSpot integration soon to come—Marketing Cloud enables broadband marketing teams of even the smallest size to compete and win against even the biggest competitors.

Learn how Marketing Cloud Professional Edition can help you generate breakthrough growth for your broadband business.