November 3, 2021 by Naylor Gray

Want To See Spikes in Your NPS, Subscriber Growth, and Take Rates for Managed Wi-Fi Services? Embrace Marketing Excellence


More funding for broadband means new players are entering more markets. Even if you’re not feeling the pressure yet, you still need to look out for the trillion-dollar consumer giants—they're always looking for ways to get their devices and applications into subscriber homes so they can turn you into a dumb pipe. That way, they can co-opt the subscriber relationship and keep all the value for themselves.

How are the smart broadband service providers (BSP) responding to these competitive dynamics? Earlier this month, I hosted a session soon at ConneXions in Las Vegas to look at how service providers are embracing marketing excellence to deliver outstanding subscriber experiences. Many of our customers also seek to differentiate themselves and grow the value of their brands. They are avoiding commoditization while growing revenue, increasing satisfaction, and reducing churn. In other words, by delivering connectivity and popular subscriber services, they’re becoming an integral part of their subscribers’ daily lives.

CentraCom Committed to Marketing Excellence and Achieved an NPS of +75

Utah-based CentraCom took a personal approach when it launched its CentraWiFi managed service. First, CentraCom employees “lived” the subscriber experience. Forty field techs and customer service reps (CSRs) tested out the CentraWiFi service. Using the GigaSpire® BLAST Wi-Fi 6 systems, they downloaded the CommandIQ® mobile app and explored the ins and outs of the service. They then shared their learnings across the company to refine the subscriber experience. The experience also made them the biggest cheerleaders for CentraWiFi (CentraCom's personalized version of CommandIQ).

Backed by a robust, multi-channel marketing push, CentraCom more than doubled its managed Wi-Fi subscribers over the last six months. They also increased adoption of their personalized, subscriber-facing CentraWiFi Hub app by more than 70 percent. CentraCom’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) also rose by 50 points to +75, significantly higher than industry benchmarks that typically hover in the negative, single digits. CentraCom exemplifies how a commitment to marketing excellence can deliver an exceptional subscriber experience.

Cumberland Connect Doubled Take Rates for Popular Services in Months and Achieved an NPS of +90

Tennessee-based cooperative Cumberland Connect has mastered the art of mapping the subscriber journey and leveraging turnkey integrations from Calix to maximize the ROI of every dollar they spend on marketing.

First, they identify new opportunities to connect with members pre-and post-installation within the community. Then, they drive adoption of specific offerings, like the CCFiber SmartIQ app (their branded version of CommandIQ) and the “Peace of Mind” package (with EDGE Suites for network security and advanced parental controls). They do this by leveraging tools such as Calix Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, and Facebook. They also optimize the use of mobile notifications to the CCFiber SmartIQ app.

Their marketing efforts have resulted in a phenomenal rise in subscriber growth—more than 11,500 new subscribers—and terrific engagement rates. Using the integration with Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp, they achieved an email open rate of 70 percent. That level of interaction is a dramatic increase over their typical results. In all, their take rates of the popular and revenue-generating subscriber services in EDGE Suites have nearly doubled in months. Cumberland Connect also reports an extraordinary NPS of +90.

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