November 11, 2021 by Kashyap Merchant

Do You Want the Real Story of Subscriber Satisfaction? Use Our New Customer Experience Score


Kashyap Merchant

Associate Vice President, Product Line Leadership, Support Cloud, Calix


How can you truly measure the subscriber experience? Many broadband service providers (BSPs) rely on customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS®)—they aren’t designed to measure subscriber satisfaction specifically. That means they come with some key limitations.

  • They require subscribers to take action. Subscribers must answer surveys or send responses, which can lead to low participation or skewed results.
  • Subscribers typically participate only if they are either extremely satisfied or dissatisfied, which leaves out responses from those in the middle.
  • These metrics evaluate satisfaction at a specific point in time rather than continuously.
  • Aggregated satisfaction measures fail to provide insights into the experience of individual subscribers.

Automating and Simplifying the Measurement of the Subscriber Experience

The latest version of Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud) introduces a new way to automate customer satisfaction metrics. Our new subscriber quality of experience score simplifies measurement of the subscriber experience. With the score, BSPs can gauge the holistic subscriber experience in real-time and historically.

Located in the Support Cloud dashboard, the score rates individual subscriber satisfaction on a scale from one to five. The score factors in several metrics: whole-home Wi-Fi efficiency including, individual client efficiency, WAN service, and WAN continuity. Additionally, we will continue incorporating more elements as they start factoring heavily into the overall experience.


Here are some ways the score enables BSPs to simplify their operations, excite subscribers, and grow their business:

  • Gives an objective way for broadband providers to measure the customer experience. Because the experience score automatically collects a range of experience-related data, it does not depend on input from the subscriber. This objective, holistic measure gives BSPs a more accurate representation of satisfaction. This measure can capture a moment in time or extend over a longer period, based on historical data. Armed with this information, service providers can focus on specific areas. They can also take action as necessary to ensure a positive subscriber experience.
  • Troubleshoot faster to simplify operations and lower support costs. Customer support reps have immediate access to a single metric measuring subscriber experience. They no longer need to sort through several different alerts. This simplifies and streamlines the support process. As a result, CSRs can save time, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.
  • Provide proactive customer support while tapping upsell opportunities. At a glance, customer support reps can see subscriber issues—even if the subscribers are not yet aware of problems—and take proactive steps to address them. A potential problem with client Wi-Fi efficiency can trigger an upgrade recommendation, for example.

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