August 14, 2019 by Greg Owens

High-Performance Wi-Fi: For those who Demand the Best

In a recent blog, I wrote about what it means to offer Managed Wi-Fi and how it’s generating benefits for service providers. My colleague, Bridget Watkins, elaborated on the opportunity to elevate the subscriber experience, grow revenue, and reduce support costs.

Building on those blogs, I think that one of the most exciting things is seeing the creative ways that service providers are promoting Managed Wi-Fi. (Yes, I am a true marketing geek.) This blog is a celebration of some of these initial marketing tactics.

We are on the air!

Nex-Tech, based in Hays, KS promotes a ‘Premium Wi-Fi’ service on their web site, supported by some amazing videos and educational materials that explain the benefits of the service. On July 16, Jenny Leiker, the company’s Creative Services Supervisor, was featured on Good Day Kansas explaining the benefits of the new service to reporter Jillian Carroll.

Changing the game with the world's best smart home system

In the last few months, Calix has received a number of large orders for the EXOS-powered Calix GigaSpire®, which service providers of all shapes and sizes are using to transform their Managed Wi-Fi and Smart Home service offerings.

Many of these service providers are touting the availability of their new services with creative marketing tactics, including Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. The Oklahoma-based provider is offering the Calix GigaSpire to all of its Internet subscribers that are served by its new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. Recently, special advertising was installed on some of the company’s service vehicles. Acting as travelling billboards, Pioneer knows that the GigaSpire smart home systems will elevate their subscribers’ experience. So, they are using their field technicians to promote the dramatically improved Wi-Fi coverage and throughput as “The world’s most powerful home WiFi system.”


Web sites are table stakes, so make sure that you're in the game

There are nearly as many different marketing tactics as there are service providers, but one thing that many have in common is a great web site. Here is a summary of some of the best new web sites that I have come across in the past few weeks:

  • Consolidated (North Dakota) offers its subscribers a ‘standard’ Managed Wi-Fi service (using the Calix GigaCenter®) and an ‘advanced’ Managed Wi-Fi service (using the GigaSpire). They’re also leveraging the new Calix video series, Digital Dilemmas, designed for use in social media campaigns. You can download the Digital Dilemmas videos from the Calix Marketing Materials web site.
  •  Upping the ante, Five Area Telephone (Texas) offers its subscribers not two, but three, Managed Wi-Fi offers to choose from: BasicDeluxe, and Premium. Each option includes a one-page fact sheet, with technical specifications, pricing, and key value propositions.
  • In Colorado, Lightburst Broadband is telling its subscribers that “The right equipment makes all the difference”, with options to purchase or lease a variety of Calix premises systems.
  • ITS Fiber (Florida) is positioning the GigaSpire as a ‘Smart Home System’, highlighting some key benefits that will undoubtedly resonate with subscribers, including “unmatched Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home”, “Fast Wi-Fi to your smart devices”, “Remote Support”, and a “Free Smart Home App.”

Did we miss you?

Have you been promoting the GigaSpire, or your Managed Wi-Fi service, in creative ways in your markets? If so, please drop me a note and tell me more about it.