March 20, 2018 by Greg Owens

Making Wi-Fi Invisible with Calix 804Mesh!


As critical as home Wi-Fi performance is for most people, it's not the only thing. For many, aesthetics are important, too. Given a choice, they'd prefer the source of their Wi-Fi signal to be invisible.

In this second post of my series on Mesh Wi-Fi, I want to talk about how the Calix 804Mesh satellite gives your customers the flexibility to install their access point (AP) completely out of sight without having any impact on coverage or performance.

Each customer will need to start with a GigaCenter. This is the primary AP that provides connectivity and Wi-Fi coverage within the home. If they choose to hide this AP—for example, in the garage, basement, attic, or utility closet—the resulting Wi-Fi signal might not reach every room in the house. This is a perfect use case for the 804Mesh units, which enlarge the subscriber’s home network.

The 804Mesh units are small and inconspicuous—about the size of a PC speaker—and can be placed wherever it's convenient. It will pick up the signal from the hidden GigaCenter and provide whole-home coverage so that subscribers can enjoy outstanding performance and coverage anywhere in the home. It gives you flexibility as well. If the GigaCenter needs to be installed in a specific room in the house for technical reasons (for example because it needs to be close to the outdoor ONT), then the 804Mesh can be used in this scenario as well.

As I mentioned in my previous post on the benefits of offering Premium Wi-Fi services to your residential customers, premium quality means tailoring the installation of the network to the characteristics of the home. With a premium service, not only do your customers get hassle-free Wi-Fi with the highest quality performance, but they also get to hide their AP wherever they like. 

One important recommendation: Make sure your customer service representatives (CSRs) and field technicians are trained on use cases like this so that they can inform customers of the various GigaCenter placement options. Your subscriber will be happy to learn about these options. And for those who do want a hidden AP, adding an 804Mesh unit represents an upsell opportunity for you.

These are just a few of the many use cases you can support with the Calix 804Mesh product. Looking to run a Mesh Wi-Fi marketing campaign? Calix has created a series of marketing materials that are available for our service provider customers to use. Interested in learning more? Visit our dedicated page where you will find a dozen different ideas that you use in your marketing efforts.