March 12, 2018 by Greg Owens

Premium Wi-Fi: Leverage Mesh Wi-Fi to Ensure the Best Wi-Fi Experience


Home Wi-Fi technology has never been better. Service providers have made major investments in their access networks to bring gigabit speeds to the home. They’re also deploying sophisticated access points (APs), like the Calix GigaCenter, which are dual-band products that provide support for the 802.11ac standard.

Despite these advancements, some consumers still experience challenges. Improper AP placement is a big culprit, as is interference from household appliances and other routers located nearby (typically owned by neighbors). Certain materials used in the construction of interior walls can also wreak havoc with signal strength.

When combined with the growing number of devices consumers are connecting to their home networks, and all the bandwidth-intensive applications they’re using, the impact of these issues on the Wi-Fi experience can be significant.

Fortunately, the addition of Mesh Wi-Fi to the mix puts you in a position to address these challenges for your subscribers. In this post, the first in a series I’m doing on Mesh Wi-Fi, I want to look at how you can offer your subscribers a Premium Wi-Fi service that leverages the latest technology to provide coverage and performance that exceeds all expectations.

What exactly do I mean by premium Wi-Fi? I mean the best quality Wi-Fi available. From your customers’ perspective, it’s Wi-Fi that just works—for whatever they want to do online and from wherever they want to do it. Whether that’s streaming 4K movies on Netflix in the living room, gaming online in the basement, or connecting to the VPN from the home office.

For the majority of homes, an AP like the Calix GigaCenter will be enough to provide premium-level service. For the 10 to 20 percent of people living in homes that are too large for the GigaCenter to cover, a Mesh Wi-Fi solution like the Calix 804Mesh satellite will enable you to tackle common problems like interference head on. (I’m going to write about other possible use cases for the 804Mesh in a future blog; it’s not just for whole-home coverage or large residences!)

Unlike Wi-Fi extenders, which require users to create secondary networks with their own SSIDs, Mesh Wi-Fi simply enlarges the existing network. In a larger home, you install one or more satellite units in strategic locations and subscribers can receive a strong signal and optimum performance everywhere.

The benefits of offering your customers a Premium Wi-Fi service based on Mesh technology are many: You increase customer satisfaction by easing the pain associated with the kinds of challenges I’ve mentioned, reduce support costs, and increase revenue.

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