December 5, 2017 by Greg Owens

Your first step to owning the Smart Home: Managed Wi-Fi



Are you experiencing the same problem as many other service providers? As the smart home evolves and your subscribers buy into the experience — purchasing a seemingly limitless array of smart solutions — are you getting calls for help with devices you don’t sell, running on platforms you may not support, while you have no visibility into what might be causing the issue? Your subscribers are frustrated and so are you. Worst of all, they’re turning to third parties for help, which could be costing you business.



You need to provide more than just pipe for your subscribers. But the leap from unmanaged Internet connectivity to managed IoT provider is huge — unless you begin by becoming a managed Wi-Fi provider.

Being a managed Wi-Fi provider means five things:

  1. Owning the strategic point of presence in the home: provide subscribers with a wireless access point like the Calix GigaCenter; don’t let them connect any old device to your network.
  2. Gaining visibility into the home network: use a product like Calix Support Cloud (CSC) so that you can visualize root causes of issues that plague the subscriber experience.
  3. Delivering enhanced Wi-Fi coverage: provide connectivity in every part of the subscriber’s home, including the backyard, front porch, and garage. This can only be guaranteed if you offer Mesh-enhanced carrier class Wi-Fi coverage with devices like the new Calix 804Mesh satellite units.
  4. Offering premium phone-based technical support: become the single point of contact for your subscribers. Most subscribers are happy to pay a small monthly fee in return for the assurance that you’ll be able to help them if they have any difficulties with their devices.
  5. Being visible: make it clear to your subscribers that you are in a position to provide the best Wi-Fi experience possible, through advertising, interactions with your customer service representatives, etc.

It’s clear how much your subscribers will benefit from all of this. You’ll benefit too, with reduced churn, improved revenue, lower call volumes, fewer truck rolls, and reduced support costs. You will also be perfectly situated to monetize the Smart Home experience by delivering the solutions that subscribers want. You’ll be able to compete and win against the high tech entities — we call them the “home invaders” — that want to take over the home. Now, you can stand up to the onslaught and win.

Ready to learn more? If you haven’t already done so, take 10 seconds to register to watch the EXOS announcement from 2017 Calix ConneXions as presented by Shane Eleniak, vice president of systems products at Calix. And visit the Calix Support Cloud and Calix GigaCenter pages for more information.