How Managing Critical Network Events Done Right Can Boost Subscriber Satisfaction

Shane Eleniak

Chief Product Officer, Calix


Even the most well-maintained broadband networks can be impacted by critical events that cause unforeseen outages—such as extreme weather, sudden equipment failure, or a fiber cut. These service disruptions affect subscribers who rely on the network for work, education, telehealth, and more.  

Broadband service providers (BSPs) need the right tools to react swiftly to identify the cause of an outage, who is impacted, and where—and communicate detailed outage information to all stakeholders. Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) has introduced new capabilities to meet this requirement, revolutionizing how BSPs manage and respond to network outages.  

Building Subscriber Trust Through Proactive and Efficient Network Operations  

Innovations in Operations Cloud deliver new capabilities that make network management smarter and faster, providing in-depth knowledge and tools that enable operations teams to swiftly identify, respond to, and fix service-impacting events—and ultimately build trust with subscribers.    

Predictive network analytics, advanced machine learning (ML) tools, automated outage notifications, and enhanced traffic classification capabilities enable BSPs to proactively address network issues and engage with impacted subscribers to support them through any disruption.  

With these new capabilities, BSPs can:  

  • Immediately see who is impacted and why. The first step to managing a critical network event is understanding the who/where/why of the outage. With Operations Cloud, network teams can visualize impacted subscribers on a dynamic geographic outage map and identify the problem’s root cause (power outage, fiber cut, etc.)—leading to faster time-to-resolution. 

  • Communicate with stakeholders to ease pressure on support teams. When a critical event occurs, broadband operations and customer support teams receive alarm, event, and outage notifications and reports in real-time detailing the impacted subscribers. These automated notifications enable the two groups to collaborate and speed up communications with affected subscribers, reducing support calls and resolution times, mean time to repair, and unnecessary truck rolls—all while improving the subscriber experience.   

  • Proactively predict subscriber-impacting events. New ML-based insights and advanced analytics in Operations Cloud can help you predict network equipment that may cause a critical event. For example, ML algorithms help detect equipment with degrading performance and frequent issues, allowing proactive replacement before failure. Advanced traffic analytics provide a granular understanding of subscriber traffic to help predict passive optical network (PON) and uplink capacity exhaustion. Operations teams can monitor bandwidth utilization over time to observe network performance. Meanwhile, network planning teams can be more dynamic and proactive in engineering the network based on traffic usage trends.    

By deploying the latest automation and predictive analytics capabilities in the Calix platform, BSPs can transform network operations into a subscriber experience differentiator—resulting in measurable increases in subscriber satisfaction. We'll show you how in this latest edition of the Broadband Operations Beacon.   

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