Calix Customer
Success Stories

Calix Customer
Success Stories

Best practices from Calix customers

Calix success stories highlight best practices among Calix service provider customers. Each of these service provider profiles provide a first-hand look into the many ways that our customers leverage our platforms and solutions to overcome challenges and capture opportunity.

Also see our current and past Calix Innovation Award winning customers.


Our Customers

Calix Case Studies


Gibson Connect partners with Calix to transform lives in rural communities through access to high-speed connectivity and new managed services


Northern Lights fiber partners with Calix to tackle the digital divide, connecting agricultural communities in western Canada with a new high-speed fiber network and value-add services


Conxxus transforms from cable operator to fiber broadband service provider by embracing an end-to-end solution from Calix


Sogetel delivers on its promise to bring high-speed internet to underserved rural municipalities in Quebec


CentraCom leverages Calix Broadband Performance Testing solution to reduce test failures by 62 percent and avoid costly FCC compliance gaps.


Lit Communities accelerates its time to market—and return on investment—with Calix Professional Services.


Ciello improves broadband quality with guidance from Calix Network Consulting.


SCTelcom partners with Calix Customer Success Services to achieve 76 percent take rate for CommandIQ®.


MRTC brings new features to subscribers in record time with the Calix Premier Success service.


Jade Communications stands out in their competitive Colorado market by simplifying network operations, launching exciting managed services, and delivering world-class customer support.


NextLight prioritizes customer support to boost subscriber satisfaction to 98 percent and stay ahead of the competition with Calix Support Cloud, Premier Customer Success, and CommandIQ


Since deploying Revenue EDGE solution, GVTC has seen a significant improvement in its member loyalty and customer satisfaction numbers, which have risen by 25 and 17 percent, respectively.


Centranet achieves rapid network expansion with a 9.5/10 customer satisfaction score leveraging a member-centric strategy and exceptional support.


Pineland offer their subscribers a richer at-home Wi-Fi experience with higher throughput, faster speeds, and greater coverage in the home than any of its competitors, thanks to the BLAST u6 systems.​


Poka Lambro leverages the intelligent real-time notifications from the Remote Monitoring System to head off customer complaints and reduce outage time


The Revenue EDGE solution enabled Jade to reduce its average new gateway integration time from four weeks to just one day, accelerating time to market for its gigabit broadband services.


Calix Professional Services Partners with Southern Montana Telephone to Enable Improved Operational Efficiency & Drive Increased Revenue


Ringgold subscribers are not only enjoying unmatched Wi-Fi performance, but are are also benefitting from industry-leading network security protections and comprehensive parental controls.


Steelville accelerates massive infrastructure upgrades at record pace leading to reduction in truck rolls and providing a great customer experience


Calix Broadband Performance Testing Team Provides WesTel Regular Testing Framework A dvice and Performance Analysis to Accelerate Towards CAF Compliance


Calix Deployment Enablement Services empower field installers, construction teams, and contractors with best practices, training, tools, and quality assessment expertise to help streamline deployment projects and reduce inventory loss and site revisits


Calix Remote Monitoring Service Helps Ntec get proactive by addressing problems in their network compromising the performance of their ring protection set up


Calix Remote Monitoring Service helps Valley Telecom innovate its operations through improved efficiency and reduced problem resolution time


Calix Network Consulting Services added immediate value for HTC by quickly zeroing in on issues in the network that were creating bottlenecks and helping their network engineers correct them quickly to limit subscriber impact


Calix Deployment Services Helps Varcomm Reduce Trouble Tickets, Increase Revenue, and Improve Subscriber Experience


3 Rivers Accelerates FTTH Buildout

With the assistance of Calix Deployment Enablement Services, Montana’s 3 Rivers Communications realized increased productivity and new efficiencies in its deployment procedures.


Auburn Essential Services Future Proofs with AXOS

AES is delivering the most advanced services to its Indiana communities through the AXOS E7-2, while automating and simplifying its FTTX deployment capabilities and network operations.


Liberty Communications Cuts Installation Times with Calix Professional Services

In Iowa, Liberty Communications’ field installation team gained a number of operational benefits for its Managed Wi-Fi Service through the EDGE Enablement Workshop.


GVTC's Premium Wi-Fi Service Blasts Off

Built on Calix Support Cloud and the GigaSpires, GVTC is changing the game with delivery of the ultimate Managed Wi-Fi service to its subscribers in Texas.


Great Lakes Energy Launches into Broadband Service with Truestream

In northern and western Michigan, electric cooperative Great Lakes Energy (GLE) has created a successful FTTH pilot project built on Calix Solutions and Services.


BTC Finds Cost Savings and Network Efficiency with Remote Monitoring Service

In Kentucky, BTC is taking a more proactive approach to its operations by leveraging the increased visibility delivered by the combination of RMS and Calix Support Cloud.


Remote Monitoring Service Frees Up CCTC’s Operations

The Calix Remote Monitoring Service is allowing Coleman County Telephone Cooperative to proactively fix problems before its subscribers in central Texas are impacted.


Range Companies Invests for the Future While Reducing Truck Rolls and Support Calls

Serving over 33,000 miles across Wyoming and Montana, Range has found success with its next generation Wi-Fi service by leveraging the insights delivered in Calix Marketing Cloud.


Municipal Utility BrightRidge Partners with Calix on Broadband Business

In Johnson City, Tennessee, BrightRidge is meeting the broadband demands of its community with a new FTTH network and advanced services, including Managed Wi-Fi


Pioneer is Elevating the Subscriber Experience with the GigaSpire

Pioneer is offering the Calix GigaSpire to every Internet subscriber that is served by their new FTTH network. With its dramatically improved Wi-Fi coverage and throughput, Pioneer knows that the GigaSpire smart home systems will elevate their subscribers’ experience.


GoSEMO Delivers Gigabit Service to Rural Missouri

With its first foray into broadband service, GoSEMO, a subsidiary of SEMO Electric Cooperative, is seeing success as its Calix-based GPON network continues to expand in Missouri.


Cruzio Powers Tech-Savvy Santa Cruz County with an Always -On Experience

Cruzio brings fiber and a next-generation broadband experience to the residents of Santa Cruz, CA, automating critical subscriber related functions while delivering an always-on experience via Calix AXOS.


Underserved Parts of Oklahoma Get Fiber Broadband

Building its network with Calix Cloud, AXOS, and Managed Wi-Fi solutions at its core, OEC Fiber, a subsidiary of Oklahoma Electrical Cooperative, is connecting its members to high-speed fiber services.


Driving New Efficiencies with Calix Managed Services

Hear from Valley Telecom's Tim Bowlby as he discusses the benefits the Calix Remote Monitoring Service has brought to his team and subscribers.


Success in Marketing Managed Wi-Fi

While driving continued adoption of GigaCenters through its successful Premium Wi-Fi service, Nex-Tech has leveraged materials from Calix to accelerate and streamline its marketing campaigns.


Electric Cooperative Brings Broadband to Membership

With the AXOS platform serving as the foundation of its fiber network expansion, Gibson Connect is delivering broadband services to underserved areas of Tennessee while bringing new efficiencies to its electric network.


Ensuring Rural Readiness for 5G

With 5G on the horizon, Alabama’s Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative has turned to AXOS to prepare its network for the next generation technology.


ITS Fiber builds on Managed Wi-Fi experience to offer Whole Home Wi-Fi

ITS Fiber has fully embraced Managed Wi-Fi and is now offering Whole Home Wi-Fi with premium technical support services powered by Calix GigaCenters, 804Mesh satellites, and Calix Support Cloud. They expect to be a leader in the adoption of smart home devices in the future.


WRT Delivers Premium Wi-Fi through Calix 804Mesh

Troy Schilling and James Byerley, from WRT in North Dakota, explain how to use the Calix GigaCenters and 804Mesh products to deliver premium Wi-Fi throughout their subscribers’ homes.


Offering Managed Wi-Fi is a Win-Win for Consolidated Telecom

Consolidated Telcom in North Dakota is using Calix GigaCenters to offer a Managed Wi-Fi solution that cuts their support call times and drives new revenue opportunities.


A Fiber Innovator Interview: Concord Municipal Light Plant

Concord Municipal Light Plant is a great example of a municipality that built a fiber optic network with the primary purpose of enhancing their electric utility Smart Grid applications but has also found innovative ways of further leveraging and monetizing this network investment.


BEC Fiber Brings Broadband to Texas Hill Country

Innovative electric cooperative Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) is building a next generation fiber network for Smart Grid and broadband services with Calix Cloud and Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions.


Innovation in AXOS Subscriber Management

Muni broadband leader Cedar Falls Utilities talks subscriber management with the Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System. To learn more about AXOS SMm, which is enabling this network transformation for CFU, click here.


Delivering the Ultimate Return on Experience in the Maldives

Calix hospitality solutions allow the four-star Kuramathi Island Resort to exceed guest expectations with a superior Wi-Fi experience, while its IT team easily manages the GPON network from a central location. 


Innovation in Cloud Analytics

In Lafayette, Tennessee, NCTC is utilizing Calix Marketing Cloud to drive business success with higher ARPU, take rates, and broadband speed upgrades across their subscriber base.


Innovation in Subscriber Experience (Residential)

In Minnesota, Paul Bunyan Communications leveraged their Calix-powered gigabit network and GigaCenters with Carrier Class Wi-Fi to host the region's first live gaming tournament with the GigaZone Gaming Championship.


Innovation in Subscriber Experience (Business)

Manhattan-based Pilot Fiber is leveraging a fully software defined network and the AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System to build an impressive base of business customers throughout major cities on the East Coast of the United States.