Calix Wi-Fi Solutions

Extend the gigabit experience throughout the home.

Calix Wi-Fi Solutions

The proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices and increased streaming media necessitates that service providers own the Wi-Fi media distribution point in the home.  This ownership enables the service provider to optimize the broadband experience resulting in reduced OPEX, increased ARPU and, more importantly, a satisfied and loyal customer. Calix Carrier Class Wi-Fi solutions deliver superior coverage for video services and ultra high speed Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet. In combination with cloud-based remote management and analytics applications, this end-to-end solution allows service provider to offer a superior user experience in even the most challenging Wi-Fi environments.

Calix GigaCenters

Wi-Fi is a defining feature of the Calix GigaCenter, a powerful media distribution center at the heart of the connected home. GigaCenters stream video, music, gaming, and Internet applications at speeds up to 5x faster than today’s best-effort alternatives. All GigaCenters support both legacy 802.11n and high performance 802.11ac devices simultaneously.

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What is Carrier Class Wi-Fi?

Carrier class Wi-Fi is the confluence of a set of cutting-edge technologies that represents the dawn of a new era in the fiber connected home, where all services can now be delivered over Wi-Fi, including linear broadcast IPTV. No need for coaxial cables, fishing cable through walls, or seven hour truck rolls to install new IPTV customers. Sound too good to be true? Here's how it is achieved…

Calix carrier class Wi-Fi utilizes the latest and most advanced 802.11ac "wave 2" 5 GHz band Wi-Fi technology, and complements it by using 4X4 Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology. This combination provides superior coverage and speed over any other Wi-Fi technology available today. The solution is then enhanced using beamforming to concentrate Wi-Fi energy on devices in the home like set top boxes that may be at the perimeter of the house, such as in bedrooms or basements. The Calix GigaCenters and fiber access systems supplement these technologies with quality of service capabilities that ensure that picture quality is always maintained at the highest level. The outcome: Unprecedented performance in wireless speed and coverage that reaches throughout the entire home.

The GigaCenter is the first network device to incorporate this groundbreaking technology, and in the coming year all of the major set top box vendors will be introducing this technology into their set top boxes. In fact, many major vendors have already shipped millions of set top boxes with similar technology over 5 GHz using the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. Since Wi-Fi standards are backward compatible, you can start rolling out IPTV services over the GigaCenter's Wi-Fi with set top boxes you may already have in the network.

By being the first-to-market with this new technology, Calix enables our customers to prepare for this emerging home ecosystem while still supporting legacy devices over 2.4 GHz. Our customers trust Calix to protect their capital investments by providing technology with a close fit to consumers' future needs, while being affordable today.