Calix Point-to-Point Active Ethernet Solutions

Deliver dedicated bandwidth.

Calix Point-to-Point Gigabit/Active Ethernet Solutions

Complementing Calix leadership in GPON, Calix has become the leading provider of point-to-point gigabit / Active Ethernet (AE) fiber solutions. Designed with IEEE 803.2ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standards, Calix has an extensive range of AE options including E7-2 line cards that support both GPON and AE subscribers. Combined with optional auto-detect premises options, Calix is the industry leader in AE deployments.

Point-to-Point / Active Ethernet (AE) benefits

  • Dedicated fiber / bandwidth per home
  • Optimized for low densities
  • Distances to 50km
  • Gigabit service capable

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