Looking to stand out from the competition
in the challenging FTTH and FTTB markets?

Simplify your operations and deliver
a point-to-point fiber connection with
the AXOS Active Ethernet Solution

Looking to stand out from the competition
in the challenging FTTH and FTTB markets?

Simplify your operations and deliver
a point-to-point fiber connection with
the AXOS Active Ethernet Solution


What is Active Ethernet?

Active Ethernet (AE) is a point-to-point fiber access technology for delivering Internet services to residential and business subscribers. As the name implies, point-to-point offers a dedicated fiber connection to subscribers with Fiber to the Home (FTTH) or Fiber to the Business (FTTB) services.

What is Active Ethernet Technology? How does AE work?

Active Ethernet is a point to point technology than connects an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) to remote Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), also known as Optical Network Units (ONUs). An Active Ethernet network has a direct point to point connection from the OLT to the subscriber ONT location. OLTs can be located in remote terminal Fiber-to-the-Node cabinets or central office locations. Active Ethernet uses separate wavelengths to transmit and receive traffic (1490nm from OLT to ONT, and 1310nm from ONT to OLT). Each optical connection provides a dedicated link from the network to the subscriber.

What are the benefits of using Active Ethernet topologies for subscriber connections?

Point-to-Point topologies provide dedicated symmetric connection rates for each residential and business subscriber. These connections provide dedicated bandwidth to the subscriber that is not shared. 


What services can be delivered on Active Ethernet network?

All common networking services are supported on the Active Ethernet point to point network. With the appropriate optical network terminal (ONT), Active Ethernet networks can deploy any residential IP service – Internet access, multicast video, and VoIP.  IP and Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (VPN) services and emulated TDM services (e.g. T1/E1) can be provided for businesses.

What Active Ethernet equipment goes in the home or business?

Optical Network Terminals (ONT) are installed at the subscriber premises. ONTs terminate the fiber from optical distribution network ODN, synchronize with the Optical Line Terminal (OLT), and transmit and receive all subscriber traffic. Residential ONTs have traditionally been installed on the outside of the home but in recent years the trend has been to install them inside the home. Residential ONTs can be simple demarcation devices that terminate the fiber and present an Ethernet and/or voice ports into the home, or include a home gateway router, multiple Ethernet LAN and voice (POTS) ports which often include Wi-Fi functionality.


Software-defined ONT management and service provisioning on AXOS…now that’s Active Ethernet reimagined

The fastest, simplest, and most efficient solution that minimizes operational impacts while accelerating time-to-market capabilities.

Introducing a Gigabit Ethernet line card solution that simplifies operations and accelerates AE service deployments

With AXOS R19.3, the combination of the AXOS platform and the ONT management capabilities delivered by the GE-24 r2 line card is unmatched and will deliver simplicity, a “just like PON” service management and provisioning experience and true differentiation to the marketplace.

The new AXOS Gigabit Ethernet GE-24 r2 line card future proofs Active Ethernet with:

  • Rapid deployment of high-density business and residential services
  • Simplified network operations through consolidation of back-office servers 
  • Optimized service delivery with enhanced diagnostic capabilities 

High Density Point-to-Point Ethernet

  • 24 GE ports
  • 4x10GE uplinks for transport
  • Up to 48 Active Ethernet ONTs per 1RU chassis

IP Services with Active Ethernet ONTs

  • L2 Triple Play Services (Voice/Data/Video)
  • MEF compliant business services
  • ONT Discovery, Local DHCP/TFTP server functionality

New! With 22.1 Release

Deploy and deliver the ultimate 10GE/1GE subscriber experience over active ethernet today!


Break away from the competition by delivering 10 gigabit Active Ethernet Services into your subscribers' homes with the Calix GigaSpire u6x/u6xw solution.

  • The GigaSpire BLAST u6x delivers lightning-fast speed, four (4) LAN ports, integrated voice services, and the ability to deliver superior throughput and complete coverage to every part of the subscribers' homes
  • Active Ethernet 10GE/1GE SFP modules supported using cloud management
  • Point-to-Point 10GE/1GE for Active Ethernet Greenfield applications
  • Software-defined ONT management and service provisioning via the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS)
  • Simplified network operations through consolidation of back-office servers

How do I streamline my operations and improve the subscriber experience?

Calix Services is your trusted partner to help accelerate your deployment, upskill your team and empower your operations

Our mission is to help you succeed by enabling you with the expertise and tools to streamline your processes and help your team excel. We’re the extension of your operations team you always wanted so that you can scale your operations and keep service availability and customer satisfaction high.

AXOS Deployment Services

Calix Professional Services can help you with the design, turn up and integration of your new AXOS network. We can also help migrate your subscribers and ONT management from your older Active Ethernet platform to AXOS in one-fourth the time, at one-fourth the cost with less risk and guaranteed results. Find out more about the complete portfolio.

Education Services for AXOS

Calix Education Services has put together a comprehensive AXOS learning path curriculum and a flexile subscription approach to help upskill your employees. 

Remote Monitoring Service

Radically change your operational approach to be more proactive with Calix Remote Monitoring Service. Find out more and get a demo now. 

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