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Elevate their experience.
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Elevate your revenue.

Calix Smart Home and Business

The end-to-end solution that delivers the ultimate
smart home experience

For subscribers, the smart home shouldn’t be a confusing mix of connected sensors and devices. It should be a manageable and robust ecosystem that works together seamlessly. ​
Consumer-brand companies have created products and services that are being delivered on top of the broadband network that service providers have built. The time has come to turn the potential confusion, disorder, and chaos associated with the smart home into an open, managed and secure ecosystem that is accessible to all subscribers. But, there is no time to waste. ​
The Calix Smart Home and Business solution has four components that, when combined, enable service providers to unlock the full potential of the smart home.

Are you ready to re-invent ‘smart home’ for your subscribers?


Calix EXOS

Take control of the experience

Calix EXOS is the Smart Home Operating System that reduces development cycles and allows new services to be brought to market faster than ever.


EXOS Systems

Offer the most advanced systems on the market

The Calix GigaSpire MAX and GigaSpire BLAST are not typical residential gateways; they are premium smart home systems.


Calix Cloud

Empower your marketing and support teams

Turn your subscribers' vision of a smart home into a revenue opportunity, while  tackling the chaos and complexity.


Calix Services

Smart Home Enablement Services

Smart Home Enablement Services help you get your people and processes ready to deliver and manage the Smart Home experience for your subscribers.


Calix Solutions Exchange

Deploy revenue generating services

The Calix Solutions Exchange, which will feature pre-integrated smart home solutions from an expanding ecosystem of integrated partner and private label solutions bundles.


Powerful Performance. Permanent Loyalty.


It is time to start offering new smart home services that are keeping pace with the market. It’s possible to bring these compelling new services to market quickly, create new revenue opportunities, and retake your position as the essential enabler of the smart home of the future. Turn the potential confusion, disorder, and chaos associated with the smart home into an open, managed and secure ecosystem that can be harnessed for your subscribers. 

We’ve created a series of white papers to help you get familiar with various trends and technologies related to the Smart Home, starting with the one below. Check back for more downloads soon. 

Re-invent the smart home with universal IoT support

The smart home device market is surging, but many consumers are struggling. Service providers can help their subscribers remove cost and complexity.

Ensure a role in the center of the smart home

Residential gateways with integrated voice assistants are transformed into smart home systems.

Improve Wi-Fi capacity and efficiency with Wi-Fi 6

The new 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard implements more than 50 new features. 


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