The company with the best data wins.

That company could be you.

Turn the subscriber edge into the Revenue EDGE.

The company with the best data wins.

That company could be you.

Turn the subscriber edge into the Revenue EDGE.

The Revenue EDGE

Today’s new reality


Three things service providers can do for their subscribers

In the face of the ongoing global health event, it’s no longer “business as usual” for most communications service providers (CSPs). Many CSPs are springing into action, making adjustments to their operations and modifying their services, all with a focus on the subscribers and communities that they serve.


You have options. The choice is yours:

Speed and price?

Or subscriber experience?

No one really wins in the race to zero

Why not take a step back and consider what subscribers are really looking for? Peace of mind and experience.

See how others are embracing these options. Book a Marketing Consultation today.


What happens when you lead with subscriber experience?

The possibilities are endless

Subscribers expect help from their service provider for issues—regardless or where they purchased the source of the problems.

Book a demo to see how leading with subscriber experience could change everything.

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Calix is here to help you wow your subscribers and open up new revenue opportunities

Not only do we give you all of the pieces, but we enable you to provide peace of mind to your subscribers, helping you behind the scenes every step of the way.    

Northern Lights Fiber to deliver premium Wi-Fi services over Canada’s fastest residential network with Calix

“We are simply dedicated to helping residents and businesses in rural Canada realize the significant economic and social benefits of broadband internet, and Calix has enabled us to get to market quickly with a compelling offering that resonates with subscribers across the province.”

Johann Reimer, director of marketing and sales for both Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics

Petit Jean Fiber invests RDOF into end-to-end Calix solutions to connect rural Arkansas

“When it became clear that RDOF could make this financially feasible for us, we knew we had to jump in with both feet and from the very first meeting, Calix understood exactly what we needed—a future-proof fiber broadband network that was simple and cost-effective to operate, and capable of delivering exciting services at blazing fast speeds to our members.”

Michael Kirkland, general manager of Petit Jean

Mainland Telecom net-new rural Canadian subscribers spike 66 percent in three months

“Working with Calix to address this urgent broadband gap enables us to deliver world-class Wi-Fi services on par with those offered in the big cities over a simplified and future-proof network with the capacity to scale rapidly as demand grows.”

Nick MacArthur, operations officer for Mainland Telecom

DE Lightspeed reaches underserved Mississippi residents with Calix, exceeding adoption goal by 20 percent

“Calix enables us to deliver a blazing-fast network and managed Wi-Fi offerings that are game-changing for our membership and will go a long way towards bridging the broadband gap.”

David O’Bryan, general manager of Delta Electric Power Association.

GVTC achieves Net Promoter Score of +44 with Calix Revenue EDGE rivaling the best brands in the world


"We know that our customers care deeply about their in-home experience, which is why we invested early with Calix in the Wi-Fi 6 GigaSpire and the Revenue EDGE—to provide the best experience possible on our world-class Calix fiber network."

—Ritchie Sorrells, president and CEO at GVTC




EDGE Insights

Calix Support Cloud and Calix Marketing Cloud platforms deliver advanced analytics and insights to ensure service providers deliver a seamless experience tailored to the needs of their subscribers.

Calix Marketing Cloud

Marketing is not “one size fits all.” It should be personal and meaningful to the subscriber you are trying to reach. These insights energize the Revenue Edge.

Calix Support Cloud

An ACS is NOT enough to grow your business and elevate the subscriber experience. Calix Support Cloud uses real-time intelligence to prevent issues and improve efficiency in your customer support team.


Consumers don’t look to you for cutting edge technology.​
Things are about to change.

Offer the most advanced systems on the market

Calix offers a choice of Wi-Fi 6 certified EDGE Systems, all designed to help bring new services to market quickly, drive new revenue opportunities, and leverage an existing ecosystem of partners.​

GigaSpire BLAST u6x

World’s first carrier-class, all-in-one Wi-Fi 6 system designed to have a 10-year lifespan

The new GigaSpire BLAST u6x, vailable in two form factors and colors, offers unprecedented bandwidth options (up to 10 Gbps), improved operational simplicity, and seamless upgradeability. The GigaSpire BLAST u6x will:

  • reduce integration and installation times
  • expand deployment flexibility in the field
  • simplify upgrades
  • minimize inventory issues

Robust, reliable, and simple home network security solution adds another layer of protection​

Want to help consumers who are concerned about the security of their home networks?​

Integrating security into the residential gateway creates real differentiation

New Calix whitepaper provides details on the importance of network security, explores some of the options available for securing the home network, and outlines the opportunities that exists for service providers.​

Protect your subscribers from cyber threats with comprehensive security controls​

As part of the Revenue EDGE solution, Calix offers a comprehensive set of security features that ensure subscribers are given the highest levels of protection possible.​

Consumer data builds strong case for security and privacy controls

Calix partnered with Moor Insights & Strategy to measure consumer perceptions about online security, privacy, and parental controls.

Findings from consumer research are critical for your business

Results from consumer research provide important insights for service providers looking to offer online security, privacy, and parental control solutions.


EDGE Services

Powerful systems come enabled with foundational services that elevate the subscriber experience. Start with Advanced Wi-Fi to ensure your subscribers have a reliable, carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution. The CommandIQ®  mobile app puts control in the hands of your subscribers, while elevating your brand and providing the platform to launch new revenue-generating services that subscribers value.


A stunning mobile app that offers a unique combination of consumer design and carrier-class capabilities to elevate your brand while enabling flawless delivery of managed services to help you simplify subscriber engagement, excite subscribers with your brand and grow your value.

Ultimate Wi-Fi

Your subscribers demand the best, with systems that support Wi-Fi 6, providing the experience that enhances their newest devices. 

Alexa Voice Services

Let Alexa help you navigate the Revenue EDGE, with custom commands for any of the Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems, such as "Alexa, ask my router to check my speed."

Establish your position in the center of the smart home.

FCC Performance Testing

Don't stress, we've got you covered. Use the systems you already have in place to run the tests. No need to purchase separate hardware.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Expand your brand and upskill your team to succeed


EDGE Enablement

Calix is here to help. EDGE Enablement programs are designed to help you accelerate growth, delight subscribers and be successful, faster. As your partner, we are with you every step of the way.

Market Activation

Revenue EDGE customers get access to comprehensive marketing programs from Quick Start Guides to webpage templates.

Education Services

Don't stress, we've got you covered. Use the systems you already have in place to meet the FCC requirements. No need to purchase separate hardware.

Customer Success Services

Success is all about time to value. We are here to help you find value quickly. 

Professional Services

Reduce risk and accelerate deployment with enablement services that help you establish plans and processes using industry best practices.


EDGE Suites

With the Revenue EDGE foundation in place, you are ready to launch new services that your subscribers will truly value. Provided through a growing ecosystem of partners, you can provide subscribers with experiences that help manage, automate and secure their network.    



Give subscribers control of their online experience, including the ability to block specific content, applications and websites, set time and day limits for online access, and view usage information.



Equip your subscribers with an extra layer of protection with tools that keep their home network safer by blocking viruses, malware and malicious websites.

Arlo Secure

A unique new addition that brings your subscribers peace of mind with Arlo’s trusted brand, fully integrated with the Calix Cloud for simple deployment to your subscribers.​



Give subscribers control of their online experience, including the ability to block specific content, applications and websites, set time and day limits for online access, and view usage information.

Awards, customer wins and webinars​

Learn more about the Calix GigaSpire and the Revenue EDGE

A new tier of Wi-Fi experience featuring the ALLO BLAST​

With this launch, ALLO leaps ahead of the competition as the first communications service providers (CSPs) in its region to launch a carrier-exclusive Wi-Fi 6 system. The BLAST enables ALLO to provide residential and small business subscribers with the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience, including massive coverage expansion and increases in bandwidth. 

Pioneer generates a 59-fold profit on campaign investment

Oklahoma-based cooperative is elevating its member experience by not only gearing up for it’s smart home business, but also addressing the quality of their service interactions and satisfaction levels by leveraging Calix Marketing Cloud’s unique behavioral insights combined with Calix Support Cloud.

Our customers deliver an unparalleled broadband experience with the Calix GigaSpire

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association (WCTA) has selected the GigaSpire BLAST, the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6 system available exclusively to communications service providers, as the centerpiece of its smart home offering. 


Calix Marketing awarded third consecutive "Best in Class" marketing award from BMMA

Calix campaign receives recognition as the best Vendor Marketing Award for 2020.

“We received a number of exceptional submissions for this year’s marketing award. The Board was impressed by both the breadth and depth of the Revenue EDGE marketing campaign and are pleased to announce Calix as the winner of this year’s vendor marketing award.”

--Roger Lewis, Co-Chair of the BMMA Board of Directors and

Product Manager, Internet and Security at GVTC


Learn about new opportunities at the Revenue EDGE

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Yes, You Can Offer Subscribers a Cool-Looking Wi-Fi System for Their Coffee Tables

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Why do I need the Revenue EDGE? It's an end-to-end solution, designed specifically for service providers, to ensure you continue to delight your subscribers and own their experience with your services. And Calix is here to help you succeed.