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Calix Transport and Aggregation Solutions

Bringing it all together.

Transport and Aggregation in the Access Network

Transport and aggregation within the access network is critical to delivering high quality, cost effective services to subscribers. Whether the network architecture requires rings or point-to-point architectures the service provider must have the flexibility to choose. As service providers continue to drive services deeper into the access network the location the equipment must be installed becomes creates additional challenges.

A Complete Transport and Aggregation System

Calix sees delivering a complete transport and aggregation solution as meeting these key criteria:

  • Network Topologies supported include ring, point-to-point, linear configurations as well as a mix of all
  • Solutions for central office, remote cabinets and sealed units to be placed on poles or other locations where cabinets cannot be placed.

Calix transport and aggregation solutions support ring, point-to-point and star topologies. 

Ethernet Ring Protocols supported include:  ITU G.8032 v2, ERPS, IEEE 802.1w RSTP and EPS (B6 only).

  • Products supporting the ring protocols include:  E7-20, E7-2, E5-520, E5-216F, E3-48/E3-48C, E3-16F, C7, B6 enabling transport and aggregation from Central offices all the way to very remote locations.

Ethernet Point-to-Point Protocols supported include IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and IEEE 802.3ad/IEEE 802.1AX Link Aggregation, enabling single point-to-point connections or multi-link connections for higher bandwidth and redundancy capabilities

Products supporting Ethernet Point-to-Point protocols include:  E7-20, E7-2, E5-520, E5-216F, E3-48/E3-48C, E3-16F, B6, C7, BLM 1500