Looking to cost effectively aggregate traffic while
increasing bandwidth across your access network?

Simplify your operations
through the power of
AXOS Aggregation solutions

Looking to cost effectively aggregate traffic while
increasing bandwidth across your access network?

Simplify your operations
through the power of
AXOS Aggregation solutions

Introducing the Calix E7-2 10GE-12 Aggregation line card

An innovative solution that enables bandwidth and network capacity to be added easily, and fiber to be conserved without the need to bury more lines. 

Why spend when you can save through the power of AXOS aggregation


Today, our industry is undergoing a paradigm shift---one where the future of high speed, high definition video, interactive virtual-reality gaming and other high bandwidth applications are the norm versus the exception. But, as a result, many service providers are either running out of available bandwidth or finding it increasingly difficult to deliver higher bandwidth services while managing and maintaining access points that are spread over great distances.​ This presents two challenges:

  • Reduce the amount of fiber and upstream router ports required, lowering the overall cost of your network and the time to maintain it
  • Make a substantial impact on the quality of service delivered to your subscribers over existing access technologies

Powered by AXOS, the E7-2 Aggregation line card not only provides significant capital cost savings, but also improves time to revenue while reducing your overall cost of operations. 

Calix AXOS aggregation solutions deliver high-density aggregation and transport flexibility to support 10GE business and residential services and provide outside plant cost savings. Download the new Calix Solution Brief: When Less is More... the Power of Aggregation Simplified to learn more. 

AXOS Customers

Our customers are leading the next wave of innovation and operational transformation


Nex-Tech adds capacity and ensures leading edge network

”The 10G Aggregation card allows us to efficiently add capacity to our network without having to add interfaces on our edge router. It’s cutting edge, state-of-the-art equipment that helps us better serve our customers”

—John Stephens, Senior Access Technician

Federated increases bandwidth and capacity without costly network upgrades

Federated Telephone Cooperative shares how they leveraged the Calix Aggregation Solution and Professional Services to meet their growing subscriber bandwidth demands.


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Provide Layer 2 10GE Aggregation


  • Topology support for 10GE ERPS and G.8032 fed Calix platforms


  • Multiple 10GE connections per E7-2 line card for high density aggregation     

Unified Access

  • Combine with E9-2 in data center to aggregate to higher order interfaces into the core: 40GE, 100GE

Enable bandwidth and network capacity to be added quickly and easily

Reduce the amount of fiber and upstream router ports needed within your access network

Ring Support and Point-to-Point configurations

  • C7, B6, E7-2 (EXA / AXOS), E7-20 systems
  • Up to 14 subtended rings or systems terminated on the E7-2 10GE-12


  • LAG Connections for video/data (N * 10GE)
  • RSTP Connections for Voice (2 * GE) to C7 TDM Gateway    

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E7-2: Layer 2 Uplink/Transport with 40GE Optics

Uplink bandwidth supported

  • Up to 40Gbps (A/A LAG 4x10GE)
  • Up to 80Gbps (A/A LAG 2x40GE)

Ring bandwidth supported

  • Up to 20Gbps (I temp)
  • Up to 40Gbps  (C temp)    

A Carrier Class solution that provides the flexibility to support 40G, 100G, or 100G+ network aggregation


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The Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System

  • Flexible aggregation support with SFP+ interfaces supporting 10GE, 2.5GE or 1GE
  • Ring (G.8032v2) and Point-to-Point topology support
  • Layer 3 aggregation support for mobile, business, and residential services
  • Integrated subscriber management module for AXOS, EXA, Calix traditional system and 3rd party system
  • Standalone aggregation shelf: Does not act as a controller for line cards
  • Aggregation support for up to 32 remote access shelves 

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The fastest, simplest, and most efficient aggregation solution for your access network

The E7-2 10GE-12 line card brings high density aggregation and transport flexibility to support 10GE business and residential services

Each AXOS 10GE-12 card provides twelve SFP+ ports

that can be used to: 

  • Build 10GE access rings
  • Aggregate Calix E7-2, E3, C7 and E5 systems
  • Provide business services and point-to- point Ethernet
  • Provide additional transport capacity
  • Delivers advanced AXOS capabilities 

Twelve SFP+ ports

  • Build 10GE access rings
  • Aggregate Calix E7, E3, C7 and E5 systems
  • Provide business services and point-to-point Ethernet
  • Provide additional transport capacity


Two XFP ports

QSFP-DD port

  • Expansion capability for up 8x10GE or 40GE optical



Want to automate and simplify your network and operations with a software defined access platform? We can help.


AXOS can help boost your service velocity, eliminate service disruptions and reduce operational complexity with its software defined architecture. AXOS will change forever the way you operate your access network and help accelerate your business.

How would you like to have a virtual technician on-site without having to initiate a truck roll? The AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox addresses all of your service troubleshooting needs.


How do I streamline my operations and improve the subscriber experience?

Calix Services is your trusted partner to help accelerate your deployment, upskill your team and empower your operations

Our mission is to help you succeed by enabling you with the expertise and tools to streamline your processes and help your team excel. We’re the extension of your operations team you always wanted so that you can scale your operations and keep service availability and customer satisfaction high.

AXOS Deployment Services

Calix Professional Services can help you with the design, turn up and integration of your new AXOS network. We help you ramp fast witl less risk and guaranteed results. FInd out more about the complete portfolio.

Education Services for AXOS

Calix Education Services has put together a comprehensive AXOS learning path curriculum and a flexile subscription approach to help upskill your employees. 

Remote Monitoring Service

Radically change your operational approach to be more proactive with Calix Remote Monitoring Service. Find out more and get a demo now. 


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