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Feb 08, 2024
1 min

Funding Alert

Do Not Miss The Next Round of Indiana’s Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program

Round 4 of this program will provide $270 Million to fund specific areas in Indiana that lack broadband coverage. This round will focus on locations that lack actual speeds of 100/20 Mbps, areas that lack quality, reliable access to fixed terrestrial broadband, and areas with compelling need. 

Eligible applicants must provide high-speed, terrestrial broadband services at more than 100/100 Mbps. Priority will be given to projects that deliver higher speeds and those that include connections to schools and/or rural health facilities. Projects can be funded for up to $5 Million, no award can exceed 80 percent of total project costs, and applicants must provide a 20 percent match. 

The application window for Round 4 is currently OPEN. The deadline to submit “Full Applications” will be on February 9th and the deadline to submit “Competitive Applications” will be on April 3, 2024. 

More information is available through the following link: Program Website


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