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Apr 10, 2024
3 min

Build the Connected Lives Your Subscribers Want

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The broadband shift is fully underway. Service providers are now creating successful value-based offerings that speak to their subscribers' day-to-day lives. These offerings work because speed is no longer a differentiator. Instead, your customers expect a comprehensive subscriber experience that helps them stay safe, secure, and productive. Most importantly, broadband service provider (BSP) marketers have the tools and the support to create value-based offerings that are personal and personalized.  


Communicating Value to Your Subscribers

But it's not enough to offer your subscribers comprehensive tools and solutions; you must also ensure your customers are aware of the amazing services you provide. Once you’ve built unique products that create value in your subscribers’ lives, you must communicate that value. Continuous innovation is how you maintain high Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS)®, because you’re constantly reminding subscribers of your value. 

The difference between subscribers seeing you as a helpful partner and not simply a bill collector comes down to communication. They need to know, through your marketing, what you do for them in their home, their community, and their business. Calix has all the resources you need to build these strategies, including agency-quality marketing materials and go-to-market support. Together, we can shift the way your subscribers understand the advantage you provide. 


Services Integrated with Subscribers' Lives

Your services are woven into the lives of subscribers in big and small ways. Whether it's ensuring children can safely explore online or helping communities keep citizens connected, your relationship with your subscribers relies on trust and convenience. They must understand you do more than provide reliable internet, you satisfy their connected wants and needs. 

Calix SmartLife solutions gives you the building blocks to create value-based offerings. Whether your subscribers are families, gamers, or work-from-home professionals, you can offer tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. And once you’re offering these unique packages, your engagement strategy follows with messaging that reinforces your value. 


Extending Coverage Beyond The Home  

I am fortunate to work with Calix customers every day, many of whom are creating innovative new ways to solve subscriber challenges. The hottest offering leverages the Calix GigaSpire u4hm and the GigaPro™ p6he to create an outdoor lifestyle offering. None of your competitors can extend their coverage outside, no matter how big they are. Now, every one of your subscribers who has a backyard, a pool, or a barn has instantaneous, secure managed Wi-Fi experience. That is a perfect example of an offering you can quickly spin up and differentiate your brand with. 

This is a perfect example of value-based offerings. Your subscribers can enjoy reliable internet during the summer grilling season while you differentiate your brand in ways competitors could only dream of. Look at Smithville as an example. The Indiana-based BSP is allowing subscribers to “take your connection outside” with an offering made for warm evenings and family fun. 


Communicating Your Value to Subscribers  

At the end of the day, your marketing needs to make the point that you and your subscribers are the same. You want what’s best for your family and your community, and you offer products that reflect your commitment. As you build marketing strategies, keep the similarities between your brand and your customers top of mind. It will help you build products that match their lives and tell stories that deepen relationships, whether your customer is a parent, a work from home professional, a gamer, or a small business owner.

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Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Calix

Matt is the chief commercial operations officer (CCO) at Calix. He leads supply chain operations, demand management, commercial strategy and analytics, field operations, and global process transformation. Matt also leads the go-to-market team responsible for corporate, field, and product marketing, partner operations, and business development. Over his career, Matt has built and led marketing and strategy teams at Dun & Bradstreet, IBM, McKinsey, and Merck. Matt earned his MBA from Harvard University and a B.A. from Dartmouth College.

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