Calix Introduces EXOS, the Experience OS, Empowering Service Providers to Create Massive New Revenue Streams by Mastering Complexity for Subscribers

EXOS is the first carrier class premises operating system designed to help service providers deliver a managed experience for the smart home and business

LAS VEGAS, NV – October 30, 2017 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) introduced EXOS, the Experience OS, today at 2017 Calix ConneXions. EXOS is a carrier class premises operating system that supports residential, business, and mobile subscribers. Available this quarter on the next generation of GigaFamily products, EXOS empowers service providers to go on the offensive by evolving their business models and introducing new services that enable them to take control of the subscriber premises. EXOS is the world’s first premises operating system (OS) to address every subscriber’s need and bring order to a marketplace that is becoming incredibly complex and chaotic due to IoT, autonomous devices, and a proliferation of cloud applications. While managing this complexity is challenging, it presents service providers with a clear opportunity to create significant new revenue sources.


Initially launching for residential broadband subscribers, EXOS will enable service providers to deploy an OS across all premises systems to meet their subscribers’ smart home needs. As consumer devices, including IoT, augmented and virtual reality, and home automation, are flooding subscriber's homes, service providers are presented with two choices. They can either take control by offering their own premises services or cede control of the premises to web-scale competitors who are attempting to turn them into broadband wholesalers while leaving them to face the burden of support costs.


“The majority of calls coming into our customer care team are related to Wi-Fi and smart home frustrations. These calls are often a result of consumer class devices that are too complex for our subscribers to manage themselves,” said Stephen Jantz, CFO at South Central Communications. “While these calls are costly and time consuming, our subscribers expect a quality broadband experience no matter where they purchased their devices. With EXOS and Calix Cloud, we can turn this challenge into an opportunity with managed services that will exceed the expectations of our subscribers and allow us to quickly bring new innovations to market, all while reducing our support costs.”


Calix customers have already demonstrated the benefits of proactive engagement in the subscriber premises. By embracing the GigaFamily and Calix Cloud solutions, Calix customers have seen double-digit increases ARPU while eliminating up to 75 percent of support costs. EXOS builds on this success, delivering an Always On experience that allows service providers to match the pace of software innovation. By taking a device-agnostic approach, EXOS can also address the unique needs of each subscriber by enabling service providers to:


  • Connect – EXOS is architected to leverage the myriad of ecosystems, applications, cloud services, and devices that excite subscribers. Whether it is the latest IoT protocols, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, or next-generation services such as Amazon Alexa Voice Services, EXOS enables service providers to embrace these new capabilities at an unprecedented pace.
  • Manage – EXOS is a carrier class OS that enables service providers to manage both the device and the total subscriber experience while providing rapid integration into their systems. With a consistent object model and the broadest interface support, EXOS offers the most comprehensive management framework in the industry. 
  • Analyze – EXOS extends the capabilities of Calix Cloud and delivers rich analytics that provide actionable insights. By leveraging the instrumentation of Wi-Fi, IoT, and subscriber devices, EXOS will enable service providers to optimize service delivery.
  • Secure – EXOS is designed to address the widespread security concerns that are an inherent element of the fast-moving IoT and mobile world. By offering best-of-breed security capabilities and the ability to integrate with leading security partner solutions, EXOS enables service providers to stay ahead of security threats.

This is all possible because EXOS is open, ecosystem ready with the ability to support a broad set of software, system, device, and cloud partners.


“The IoT market presents a huge opportunity for service providers who do not want to be relegated to being merely a pipe provider, but instead want to own that all-important home network of their subscribers," said John Kendall, principal analyst at IHS. "With exponential device growth, often driven by home automation applications, subscriber homes and businesses are becoming a battleground filled with new retail players who threaten provider transparency into the home. For the innovative service provider who wins this battle, the device-flooded premises provide a perfect foundation to increase ARPU.”


By launching EXOS on the award-winning GigaFamily, Calix is empowering service providers to go on the offensive with capabilities that cannot be purchased by their subscribers at the big-box stores.


“Years ago, the Calix GigaFamily and Calix Cloud established a new paradigm for how service providers can deliver an unmatched subscriber experience and own the subscriber relationship. EXOS is the next step in our vision of helping our customers transform their businesses and meet their greatest competitive challenges. EXOS augments our ability to partner with our customers and transform the complexity of the device-enabled subscriber into unprecedented opportunity," said Carl Russo, Calix president and CEO. "In a world where change continues to accelerate, EXOS gives our customers the ability to stay one step ahead of their subscribers' needs and be first-to-market with the next set of game-changing services. Whether serving residential, business, or mobile subscribers, our customers stand ready to not only increase ARPU and reduce churn but also to establish a stronghold to compete with web-scale players for years to come."


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