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Looking to automate and deliver on the promise of business transformation and SDN?

Radically simplify your operations and accelerate
your business with the AXOS E7-2 and SMx solution

Calix makes the most innovative access system even better

AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System

As North America’s most widely adopted access system, the Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System provides a foundation for your next-generation networks, fiber technologies, and Software Defined Access. 


  • a dramatically flexible system that scales from the small to very large deployments
  • a remarkably simplified operational process that integrates easily into existing networks
  • a transformative system that enables service providers to future proof their business and network

AXOS continues to increase innovation and speed deployment

AXOS helps GLDS reduce OSS/BSS integration time by 80% and accelerates service provider time to revenue.

“We were not only surprised by the speed of our first integration…we were thrilled by how much easier it is for us to maintain…”

“We were surprised when we integrated the E9-2 System in four weeks…” 

--Garrick Russell, COO and President of GLDS  



10G Ethernet Aggregation comes to the AXOS E7-2 system delivering a significant fiber network ROI

With the latest AXOS E7-2 capability, service providers can aggregate traffic from multiple remote systems at one location to drastically reduce network costs and enable new operational efficiencies.


Partnering to deploy a “future proof” software defined network with AXOS

CableSouth Media3 Launches Next-Generation Services for Rural Business Customers, Partnering with Momentum Telecom to Deploy a “Future Proof” Software Defined Network with Calix AXOS.


AXOS provides always-on network services to businesses across Malta

The AXOS E7-2 and E3-2 systems provide the deployment flexibility necessary for Melita to deliver high speed broadband services to its business subscribers.


Building a software defined network that is an exceptional subscriber experience

Dickey Rural Networks dramatically simplifies their operations and accelerates their path to gigabit services by embracing AXOS.


AXOS Customers:
Building the simplified network of the future to accelerate business


Farmers Tel framework to support 5G

"In future-proofing our network, we're providing a framework to grow over the next 5 to 7 years. One consideration for moving to AXOS and GPON was to better support 5G deployments given the very dense configurations of small cells it requires. In order to provide that kind of service at the bandwidths required, we have to be doing NG-PON2 or XGS-PON. And for us to do that, we concluded that we had to be on the AXOS platform".

--Charles Austin - Manager, Network Engineering & Operations


Gibson Connect expands broadband reach

"The network we are building with Calix, using the AXOS E7-2, gives our communities the ability to compete on a global scale and keep our residents and businesses located in our serving area. As we continue to sign up new subscribers to what is one of the most advanced networks in the U.S., we will translate this into a phenomenal subscriber experience." 

 -- Charles L. Phillips, VP, Engineering and Technical Services at Gibson EMC


We’re moving fast, are you ready?


Introducing the AXOS Tech Talk Webinar Series – the “One Stop Shop” for all of your AXOS and E-Series systems informational needs

Announcing the AXOS Tech Talk Webinar Series where Calix experts and guests will dig deeper into the capabilities of AXOS and the E-Series systems that deliver them. You’ll have the opportunity to understand further key topics and get real time updates on what’s coming next. 


Learn from our customers' success

There are many reasons why the Calix E7-2 system is the most widely adopted access system in North America. By adding the AXOS platform, the E7-2 is now even more a disruptive and compelling enabler to next-generation networks that connect the world.


Leaping ahead in Iowa with AXOS

Iowa-based regional service provider migrates to the Calix AXOS E7-2 GPON system to deliver advanced broadband services while future proofing the network.    


Migrate legacy infrastructure to a software defined access network

Bloomer feeds the vitality of its community with a Software Defined Access network built on Calix AXOS E7-2 GPON solution.


Looking to future-proof your next-generation GPON network?

Arkwest Communications completes their next-generation network transformation by deploying the AXOS E7-2 system. 


Connecting communities with Calix AXOS NG-PON2

Inyo Networks is the first in California to deliver 10 gigabit services to rural residential markets 


Why wait when you can beat the competition today with a transformational blueprint for success?


Calix AXOS E7-2 NG-PON2 solution in action

Calix has made NG-PON2 a reality, enabling New Zealand's Northpower Fibre to demonstrate the technology in a live network for the first time in the world via a Calix AXOS E7-2 Modular Access System.


The AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System accelerates the evolution to SDA

Pilot Fiber on why they chose the AXOS E7-2 for delivering their next gen gigabit service offerings.

“Our entire network is software defined…one of the key features we were looking for when choosing a next gen PON vendor was the ability to seamlessly integrate…and Calix provides with Netconf and AXOS”

– Joe Fasone Founder and CEO Pilot


AXOS Calix E7-2 Intelligent Modular System

  • North America’s most widely deployed access system.
  • Carrier Class AXOS GPON/XGS-PON/NG-PON2 Layer 2 services.
  • High density copper/fiber solutions for outside plant.
  • Modular architecture with integrated transport and subscriber interfaces.
  • Pay-as-you-succeed model.

Download Datasheets (login required):


Key Features

System Innovation

  • Scalable from 1RU to 10RU 20 line cards enabling service providers to meet service demands from low density to high density
  • Temperature hardened for installation in remote cabinets

Fiber Innovation

  • 100G Backplane ready for technologies such as 10G PON
  • GPON scaling from 4 to 320 Ports in a single managed system
  • Active Ethernet scaling from 12 to 480  ports in a single managed system
  • Integrated transport and aggregation enabling service providers to meet varied access network demands

Copper Innovation

  • VDSL2 System Level vectoring up to 384 subscriber ports ensuring all subscribers get the best service possible
  • 96 Ports of System level vectoring without additional hardware, saving both space and capital expense
  • 8 Pair DMT bonding to enable high bandwidth copper services as well as copper transport
  • Supports integrated splitters, integrated VoIP or data only ensuring to enable service providers to determine the best and most efficient voice delivery method for them

The E7-2 enables service providers to transform their networks to AXOS.  The first AXOS line card for the E7-2 is listed below.  Check here frequently to see what’s available or click here to request more details.

Line Card Subscriber Ports/Aggregation Ports Uplink Ports


4 10GE XFP

GPON-8 r2

8 GPON Ports, 8 GE Ports (4xCSFP)   

4 10GE (2 XFP, 2 SFP+)   


12 10GE/GE Ports


Subscriber Line Cards supported within the E7-2

* Supports Unit level Vectoring

* *Supports System Level Vectoring

Line Card Subscriber Ports/Aggregation Ports Uplink Ports
GPON-4r2 4 GPON Ports, 8 GE SFP 2 XFP, 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE)
GPON-8 8 GPON Ports, 4 GE SFP 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE)
GE-12 12 GE SFP (Cu/Fiber) 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE)
GE-24 24 GE CSFP 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE)
10GE-4 12 GE SFP (Cu/Fiber) 2 XFP, 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE)
VDSL2-48* 48 VDSL2 Ports (integrated splitters) 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE), 4 SFP (GE/2.5GE)
VDSL2-48C* 48 VDSL2 Ports (integrated VoIP) 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE), 2 SFP (GE/2.5GE)
VDSL2-48D* 48 VDSL2 Ports 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE), 2 SFP (GE/2.5GE)
VDSL2-48 r2** 48 VDSL2 Ports (integrated splitters) 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE), 4 SFP (GE/2.5GE)
VDSL2-48C r2** 48 VDSL2 Ports (integrated VoIP) 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE), 2 SFP (GE/2.5GE)
VDSL2-48D r2** 48 VDSL2 Ports 2 SFP+ (GE/10GE), 2 SFP (GE/2.5GE)

* Supports Unit level Vectoring

* *Supports System Level Vectoring

Specialty Cards supported within the E7-2

Line Card Capability
VCP-192 Enables 192 Ports of System Level Vectoring
VCP-384 Enables 384 Ports of System Level Vectoring

Want to automate and simplify your network and operations with an AXOS Software Defined Access platform? We can help.


AXOS can help boost your service velocity, eliminate service disruptions and reduce operational complexity with its software defined architecture. AXOS will change forever the way you operate your access network and help accelerate your business.


How would you like to have a virtual technician on-site without having to initiate a truck roll? The AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox addresses all of your service troubleshooting needs.


See how Calix experts are your innovation partners for solutions and services delivered on the AXOS E7-2 system.


Whatever your transformation objectives, our Professional Services team can help you do it better, faster, and more cost effectively

Want a seamless migration experience to next-generation GPON? We can help.

“The Calix GPON Migration Service delivered a complete solution that has allowed us to quickly… upgrade thousands of our subscribers to the E7-2 with no downtime…”

--Mike Houston Network Tri-County Telephone Association

Let Us Help You Get Started Read Tri-County Telephone Association Press Release

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