Are you ready for RDOF?

Together, we close the digital divide.
Learn more about funding programs.​

Are you ready for RDOF?

Together, we close the digital divide.
Learn more about funding programs.​

21 million rural Americans lack access to broadband​

More than ever with today’s COVID-19 pandemic, this digital divide impacts impacts the education of our youth and healthcare for families, further hampering job growth and busines opportunities.​

Calix has helped rural telecom providers close the digital divide for over 20 years.

Most recently, 93% of CAF II auction electric cooperative winners are Calix designs.


USDA ReConnect

CAF II Auction


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Hear industry experts discuss the key deadlines, how to apply for Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction, and how a smaller carrier can effectively bid and win funding support.​ ​


FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Phase I auction is scheduled

October 29th marks the start date of the latest rural broadband program that promises to close the digital divide. At $20.4 billion over the next 10 years, service providers of all types and sizes—ILECs, electric cooperatives, WISPs, satellite providers—are invited to compete in a reverse auction that strongly incentivizes gigabit.​

Higher performance tiers

RDOF and Calix favor gigabit for Rural America First

October 29th is the start date of the RDOF auction, and the clock is ticking. Based on the approved order’s performance weighting system, the FCC significantly favors bids of higher performance tiers greatly benefiting the rural subscriber. ​

RDOF tools

Sorting out the auction

The FCC shares their competitive bidding and application procedures for October 29th.  The RDOF Phase I auction is budgeted at $16 billion.

Download RDOF Short Form Primers:

Service providers seeking to participate in the RDOF auction must complete the Short-Form application. Calix has provided the following primer documents to assist in this important and timely task.



72% of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ReConnect Round 1 winners are Calix customers

With $600 million in allocated funds, the USDA is investing in infrastructure to provide high-speed internet e-Connectivity to rural communities in Phase I of ReConnect. Driven by an application process that incentivizes by higher performance, a large percentage will be FTTH deployments. 

Over $600 million of funding awarded​

The ReConnect Program offers grants and loans to create or improve rural e-Connectivity for rural customers across America.​

ReConnect delivers funding across USA

Learn how each ReConnect winner will improve rural e-connectivity for rural customers across America.


Congratulations Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II auction winners

The CAF Phase II Auction represents a great opportunity for aggressive service providers to find new growth opportunities in serving broadband starved communities. By definition, the communities targeted by this program were either underserved or unserved—on the wrong side of the digital divide—and their incumbent service providers were either unable, or unwilling, to commit to bringing these communities up to minimum national standards.​

The auction awarded $1.5B of support over 10 years to bring broadband service to unserved census blocks in price cap carrier territories. Auction winners have plenty of work to do and Calix is here to help!​.

More than 70% of CAF and ReConnect recipients partner with Calix to bring FTTH to rural communities

Calix and our partners are here to help you succeed​

RDOF, CAFII and ReConnect award winners have unique technical and geographic challenges in meeting the needs of unserved census blocks.  Whether you’re a wireline telco, WISP, municipality or electric cooperative, Calix has vast experience helping CSPs deliver broadband to unserved and underserved communities across America.

Whether it is to help you build a winning bidding strategy and feasibility study; or to complete the FCC or USDA applications, Calix can help by referring you to one of our communication engineering or telecommunications consulting firm partners.​