Offer a purpose-built, cost-effective
small business solution

Go beyond connectivity
to business productivity

Offer a purpose-built, cost-effective
small business solution

Go beyond connectivity
to business productivity


SmartBiz™ Managed Service

Enable small businesses to maximize their productivity
and drive customer engagement


Designed specifically for small businesses

For all their business networking and productivity needs, small business owners have limited choices—either repurposed residential products or complex and costly enterprise-grade solutions.​

Calix SmartBiz meets the needs of the small business with an all-in-one managed service that increases staff productivity, secures critical business systems, and drives customer loyalty.


A managed service built for Service Providers

New revenue opportunities

Grow your revenue base and quickly expand into new markets with a managed service purpose built for small businesses. 

Connectivity to productivity

Transition from selling connectivity services to providing business productivity as a trusted source for local businesses.

Platform leverage

Speed time to market and reduce operations expenses with platforms and systems already in use for residential services.


All-in-one managed service solution delivering small business productivity

Calix CloudConsistent customer support, unified operations, and targeted engagement leveraging the same service delivery platforms used for residential services.​

SmartBizWorx—Integrated Wi-Fi networking and security, with mobile backup, customer Wi-Fi portal, and business productivity insights.​

CommandWorx—Self-service mobile app that keeps things simple for the small business owner while reducing support calls for service providers.


Purpose-built for small businesses

SmartBiz solutions enable service providers to deliver managed services to small business owners, adding Wi-Fi, network security, and business productivity on top of high-speed Internet access.​

  • Dedicated networks—Out-of-the-box Primary, Staff, Point-of-Sale (POS), and Customer Portal networks

  • Network Security—Protect critical business devices, staff, and customers from cyberattacks with network-wide security and customizable content restrictions

  • Staff management—Quickly add and remove staff and their devices

  • Network resiliency—Ensure business operations stay online during unexpected disruptions with support for cellular backup
  • Customer Wi-Fi portal—Offer convenient Internet access to customers and drive brand loyalty

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes

Enable small businesses to provide protected Wi-Fi to their customers, staff, and equipment both near and far.

SmartBiz can be extended across businesses, including those that operate in the great outdoors, by installing mesh satellites.

  • Mesh networking–expand coverage using satellites, connected wired or wirelessly to the main gateway
  • Flexible hardware–choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor satellites
  • Always connected–monitor performance and experience through the Calix Cloud

Point of Sale network

Support critical point-of-sale (POS) systems with network isolation, cellular backup to ensure business continuity, and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

Staff network

Offer enhanced security and productivity with staff profiles and unique passcodes. Business owners can easily manage content restrictions and network access to keep pace with staffing changes.

Customer network

Provide a captive portal for small businesses to elevate their brand, offering guests Wi-Fi services, complete with personalized branding and business-set terms and hours.  


Service provider brand

Service provider brand

Small business brand

Put the small business owner in the driver’s seat

Small business subscribers use CommandWorx to monitor and manage each element of the SmartBiz solution to match the needs of their unique small business.​

Using CommandWorx, subscribers can:

  • Setup, share, and manage their service-specific networks
  • Create or remove staff profiles and their devices
  • Manage network security and content filtering
  • Create a business-branded customer Wi-Fi portal
  • Set up cellular-based network resilience for unforeseen disruptions

New revenue opportunities—purpose built for small businesses—leveraging the platforms and systems already in use for residential services


Calix Cloud puts service providers in the driver’s seat

SmartBiz small business networks are deployed, operated and supported using the same Calix Cloud platforms you already have in place to support residential subscribers. Training time and Opex are reduced with common workflows and procedures. 

Built for marketers:

  • Audience-based Segmentation
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Automated Actions
  • Integrations with Key Systems

Built for customer care:

  • An Intuitive Cockpit
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Foundation for Carrier Class Services

Built for network operators:

  • Complete E2E visibility 
  • Precise identification of issues 
  • Optimized and automated workflows 
  • Alarm prioritization 
  • Proactive and Predictive Maintenance

Move up to business grade Wi-Fi 6

Deliver a reliable, high-performance network

Calix provides Wi-Fi solutions to BSPs nationwide for use with residential subscribers. Bring this unique wireless experience to your businesses subscribers with the new GigaPro™ p4 Gateway/Mesh Satellite solution. Built with the highest performance and always connected reliability that ensures an exceptional subscriber experience anytime, everytime.

Indoor integrated Wi-Fi 6E tower business gateway/ONT

High-speed Wi-Fi 6E flex WAN SFP+ system for high-bandwidth applications in small business markets.

Outdoor Wi-Fi 6E gateway or mesh satellite

Wall or pole mounted IP-65 protected outdoor system ideal for community, small business and commercial deployments (e.g., parks, outdoor venues, sporting events, etc.).

Indoor Wi-Fi 6 gateway or mesh satellite

Wall or ceiling mounted system configured for either gateway or mesh satellite functionality to serve MDUs, campuses, and small business deployments.

Calix Services

Accelerate your transformation leveraging expertise developed from thousands of service provider engagements

Calix Services span your entire network and service delivery lifecycle. Our experts are ready to work with Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) of every size and type to future-ready your networks and get the most out of your strategic investments. Learn more. 


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