October 10, 2022 by Jessica Koch

Do Not Miss the 2022 Connect New Mexico Pilot Program

The application deadline for the connect-new-mexico-pilot-program is December 9, 2022. Eligible applicants include tribal governments; local unites of government (municipalities, counties, and other political subdivisions); local and state agencies; non-profit entities; for-profit entities; cooperative or mutual organizations; and utilities.  This program has been designed for the purpose of fostering the deployment of broadband access across unserved and underserved areas in New Mexico. The selection process will look at projects located in unserved (<25/3 Mbps) or underserved (<100/20 Mbps) areas. This program will have eight key areas for scoring framework: project impact, community engagement, economic efficiency, project readiness, organization qualifications, marketing and services strategy, adoption assistance programs, and project sustainability. The New Mexico Department of Information Technology has more information on their website.

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