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Are you able to relax while the network does the work?

Simplify your network with the
Intelligent Access Edge solution

Are you able to relax while the network does the work?

Simplify your network with the
Intelligent Access Edge solution

What if you could reduce and automate the work required to run your network?

The Calix AXOS Intelligent Access Edge simplifies your network and helps you thrive against the competition

Simplify your network and operations by reducing elements to provision, manage and maintain. Now you can easily automate the network, while also delivering an always on subscriber experience with in-service upgrades and self-healing capabilities.

Can your network keep up with tomorrow's, and even today’s applications?


The last network you'll ever need

5G, AR/VR, Cloud Gaming,  and Telemedicine are just examples of what is and will continue to challenge your network. Watch this video to learn more about what you can do to get ahead of these new applications and reduce operations expenses by up to 40 percent. 


BrightRidge talks about how AXOS is simplifying their deployments

AXOS and the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System are enabling BrightRidge to roll out their new 1G and 10G services faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Learn more about the Intelligent Access Edge

Michel Langlois discusses Calix AXOS platform, software, and systems strategy and roadmap to simplify access networks.


Ever thought about what happens to subscriber traffic
in your network?

A packet is touched too many times in today's network...

  • Difficult to automate
  • Difficult to coordinate new services
  • Difficult to manage
  • Adds latency to subscriber traffic

...but what if you could reduce 5 touch points to 1 and lower your operational overhead?

  • Easy to automate
  • Faster time to revenue
  • Fewer elements to manage

Collapse multiple network functions including the OLT into a single system

Build a simplified next generation network​

  • Reduce the number of network elements
  • Reduce the time to turn up new subscribers and services
  • Bring intelligence closer to the subscriber edge
  • Reduce TCO and time to market

Utilize the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System with integrated OLT capability.​

Aggregate and transform your existing Layer 2 network

  • Gain the benefits of an intelligent network utilizing your distributed Layer 2 network
  • Simplify and automate subscriber and service workflows​
  • Reduce TCO and time-to-market​
  • Apply policy closest to the subscriber​

Utilize the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System with distributed OLT/DSLAM capability.​


Simplify your network with AXOS modules

AXOS modules allow you to collapse network functions into a single network element, simplifying the network and reducing the operational expenses.    

Subscriber Management module (SMm)

  • Brings intelligence closer to the subscriber edge
  • More responsive to the dynamic subscriber demands
  • Reduces network elements 

Routing Protocol module (RPm)

  • Brings L3 intelligence closer to the subscriber edge
  • Eliminates expensive router ports
  • Enables rapid service rollout

Advanced Routing Protocol module (ARm)

  • Includes RPm and adss MPLS capabilities
  • Bring L3 to the distributed access networks
  • Reduced time to provision subscribers and new services

Learn how AXOS enables you to simplify your operations

By combining the unique AXOS software defined attributes and the remote diagnostic capabilities of the AXOS toolbox, you can simplify your operations while eliminating maintenance windows and truck rolls. 

Reducing network OpEx by simplifying

Learn how you can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of your network.

AXOS Architecture

Deliver future proof, always on services over any physical layer.


Webinar Replay

Take your smarts to the edge

Devices in the subscriber network are getting smarter because processing power has increased, and costs have come down. But how does the proliferation of intelligent devices and new applications at the edge affect your network?


Network Edge Innovation Tech Talks

Learn how to simplify your operations and network and win against the competition in 2020. The 3rd week of every month, join the Calix team and special invited customers as we share strategies to innovate and automate at the Network Edge. We'll share customer experiences, industry trends, information about new technologies and solutions that put you on the path to the autonomous network.


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