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Migrate control capabilities from the BNG to the subscriber edge

AXOS SMm simplifies provisioning, policy, and compliance with lawful intercept orders

Migrate control capabilities from the BNG to the subscriber edge

AXOS SMm simplifies provisioning, policy, and compliance with lawful intercept orders

Redefine the Access Network Edge!

AXOS SMm (Subscriber Management Module)

The Calix AXOS platform brings intelligence and simplicity to subscriber management. AXOS SMm reduces the complexity of subscriber and service turn-up through automation, and streamlined system and department interactions. The result is simplified operations. 


Learn from our customers


Lee Hicks - Verizon VP of Technology Planning discusses their vision of one network and how they will leverage NG-PON2 as well as consolidate network elements to build the network of tomorrow. 


Cedar Falls Utilities talks subscriber management with the Calix AXOS E9-2.


Simplify and redefine subscriber management


Calix expert, Sachin Vasudeva, explains why it makes sense to redefine the access network edge.


Calix expert, Morteza Ghodrat, explains how the AXOS Subscriber Management Module simplifies the network operations.


A packet is touched too many times in today's network

  • Difficult to automate
  • Difficult to coordinate new services
  • Difficult to manage


How would reducing 5 touch points to 1 help you reduce your operational overhead?

  • Easily automate
  • Faster time to revenue
  • Fewer elements to manage


Collapse and simplify your subscriber management with Intelligent Access Edge even when your access network is distributed

  • Bring L3 to your distributed L2 network
  • Bring intelligence close to where the subscribers are
  • Simplify and reduce TCO and time-to-market


AXOS SMm Lawful Intercept capability

For the majority of service providers around the world, lawful intercept is a legal requirement from law enforcement agencies. The AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System is enabled to be an Intercept Access Point and interoperate with ATIS mediation devices. With the componentized and always-on approach of AXOS, any lawful intercept activity can now be conducted without effecting subscriber-facing services, while maintaining the highest level of security and protection for network data.


Webinar Replay: Delivering on the promise of software defined, converged networks

Learn how your business would benefit if you could converge your multiple services networks and reduce the number of network elements you have to provision and coordinate.

Reduce the cost to operate your access network

Before AXOS...

Cost escalation: Rising data demand drives expensive router system and port upgrades

Operational bloat:

  • Manage multiple routers, switches and OLTs
  • Provision and activate services across multiple systems
  • Service outages and maintenance window costs
  • Excessive rack space, HVAC, power
  • OSS integration, training / certification costs

With AXOS Smm...

Cost elimination: Intelligent Access reduces/eliminates need for router upgrades/replacements

Operational efficiency:

  • Fewer systems to maintain
  • Simplified provisioning and activation procedures
  • Eliminate maintenance windows and reduce issue resolution time
  • CO / Data Center footprint minimized
  • Reduce costs with faster OSS integration and streamlined training

AXOS E9-2 redefines the access edge

  • Less systems to maintain, manage and provision
  • Easier to turn up new service types
  • Reduced errors during service turn-up
  • No more maintenance windows
  • Reduce the need to upgrade/replace
  • existing routers

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