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May 15, 2024
4 min

Want To Evolve Your Broadband Network With Formula 1 Precision?

If you’re a fan of Formula 1, you’re familiar with the super-quick pit stops. In just seconds, teams must swap out tires plus make mechanical repairs and adjustments to the car. This must be done with precision and speed to remain competitive. Time lost to lengthy or complex changes means the race is over. Similarly, a platform-based approach to broadband service delivery can provide the same agility and competitive edge, allowing you to make quick, efficient changes to your network.

For broadband service providers (BSPs), technology and services are evolving, and if you spend too long in the pit working on your network, more nimble competitors will likely overtake you. How can BSPs protect their network investment while ensuring its flexibility to grow and evolve with subscriber needs? Just like a Formula 1 team relies on a well-planned pit stop strategy to stay competitive, adopting a platform-based approach to designing and deploying networks can be your winning formula.


The Building Blocks for a Simplified Network

Intelligent Access is foundational to the Calix Broadband Platform and provides the building blocks for a simplified network architecture. A simplified network allows you to consolidate and move service-enabling network functions closer to the subscriber while reducing the number of systems that need to be acquired, integrated, licensed, and managed. It enables full-service convergence, resiliency, and flexibility and leverages a common operational model to automate tasks like provisioning, troubleshooting, and IP address management.

Even the best technology must evolve and improve over time—upgrades and new capabilities are necessary to keep up with changing needs. Our approach to enhancing Intelligent Access is akin to Formula 1 mechanics. Improving your network to support business growth should take minutes, not months.


Network Innovation To Accelerate Growth

There are several ways Calix keeps you in the race while equipping you for future expansion!

  • Reference Designs: Calix offers a tried-and-tested framework for your network architecture. These designs are validated, consistent, and easily duplicated in any network environment, allowing for swift and simple network expansion. They also provide a path to scale your network cost-effectively as your business grows.

  • Actionable Data: Formula 1 teams rely on telemetry data—including information about the car, driver, and race environment compared to track benchmarks—to maximize their strategy and make real-time decisions during races. Similarly, the Calix Broadband Platform provides telemetry data related to the network, services, and subscribers—allowing BSPs to obtain actionable insights in real time and optimize their operations accordingly.

  • Operating System (OS): The Calix AXOS® and EXOS® operating software controls physical elements of the network and handles tasks such as aggregating different services. The OS delivers hardware independence, making it easy to adopt new technologies without impacting existing operational workflows. The OS supports common operational models across all systems, including our new ASM5001 aggregation service manager, part of the E9-2 Intelligent Access solution. The ASM5001 combines Layer 3, subscriber management, and broadband service delivery to provide a high-density service delivery and aggregation solution. It performs as a high-density Layer 3 optical line terminal (OLT) in a modular, stackable form factor that allows incremental modules, line cards, and PON interfaces to be added in line with business demand. Moreover, the ASM5001 performs a high-capacity service aggregation application, enabling you to utilize 100G access networks in your aggregation domain. It also provides future capabilities for distributed access applications that allow BSPs to simplify network operations by combining multiple, extended OLTs as one logical OLT.

This platform-based approach ensures your network pit stops happen in the blink of an eye, keeping you in the fast lane and first to the checkered flag for every race.


Download our eBook to learn more about best practices for adopting an innovative network architecture, The Simplified Network: How To Deliver the New Era of Broadband Service.

Director, Access Network Product Marketing, Calix

Andre Viera is the director of access network product marketing at Calix. Andre spearheads the creation of marketing initiatives that help service providers overcome obstacles and achieve growth. Before Calix, Andre worked at Fujitsu Network Communications, Oclaro, EMC, Alcatel-Lucent, and AT&T Network Systems. Andre has an MBA from and holds MSME and BSME degrees from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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