ConneXions Highlights


Calix ConneXions Highlights

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Please see the videos and other conference materials below from our previous Virtual and Las Vegas events.


Michael Weening Welcome

Opening General Session

Create a Data-Driven Company. 

The competition is coming in the form of new fiber builders and the home invaders. To succeed, you must transform and become a data driven company. Leverage the real-time network and subscriber insights and build new business models based on the data. Turn your most valuable asset, your data, into a competitive advantage. Join these featured speakers who will help tackle this challenge.

Marketer Day

Become a Data-Driven Marketer.

As marketers, one of the most challenging goals is effectively telling the story of a brand, in a compelling way, to an audience of one – the customer. This is a daunting task. The secret to solving this challenge lies in the data. Join this line-up of featured speakers who will dive into this.

Network Operations Day

Unleash the Data in your Network.

Have you thought about what it would be like to have a network that runs itself? With the right data and capabilities in your network, your focus can be on growing the business by adding new subscribers and turning up new services and less about solving subscriber and network related issues. Today’s line-up of experts will delve into this.

Network Engineering Day

Build a Future-Proof, Data-Driven Network.

The importance of innovating at speed is critical. But to do this right, it requires you to be able to change things on the fly, to be focused on subscriber needs, taking insights from the data and constantly innovating. Join the following experts as they share their insights on innovating at speed.

Customer Experience Day

Differentiate with a Data-Driven Experience.

Simply put, experiences are events that engage people in a personal way. So can you ensure that you are delivering personalized and tailored experiences to your subscribers? As customer experience teams, you are at the forefront of making this come alive. Join this line up of experts for a lively discussion on how to deliver a data-driven experience.


Michael Weening—Opening Welcome

Opening welcome and celebrating customers at the largest ConneXions conference ever.


Matt Collins—Conference Overview

Introduction to the conference theme: “It’s your time to lead”, partner appreciation and announcement of the 2019 Innovation Award Winners.


Anthem - Day 1 Opener

The inspiring kick-off video for the general session of the 2018 Calix ConneXions conference that challenges attendees to take what was once imagined,
and make it real.


Carl Russo—Opportunity in Solving the Complexity

What’s next for the future of the subscriber driven network.


Michael Weening—The Home Invaders Know

The company with the best data and insights wins. Period.


Michael Weening and Shane Eleniak—The Power of Subscriber Demographics

Take your data-driven marketing to the next level.


Matt Collins and Terry O’Reilly—Becoming Data Driven

Marketers as the best listeners.


A Marketer’s Panel

Best practices in listening to data to drive customer centric marketing.


Michael Weening, Pam Ferguson, and Matt Collins—The Revenue Edge

A revolutionary subscriber experience solution ready to transform your business.


Matt Collins

Day 1 recap and Day 2 overview.


Anthem - Day 2 Opener

A brief recap of the new news and excitement generated on the first day of ConneXions.


Michael Weening and Shane Eleniak—The Power of Insights

Providing the ultimate managed experience.


Matt Collins & Martha Galley—True Partnership

It's all about the perfect match.


Matt Collins—Closing Comments

The conditions are perfect for taking the lead.


Welcome to the employees at InyComm. They are the service providers of our favorite family, the Millers. See how Alex, Hannah, Steve, and William are each realizing that with Calix, it’s their time to take the lead.


Customer Support with Hannah


Marketing with Steve


IT with Alex


Sales with William


A Look Back at the Millers