E9-2 Turn Up and Transport

Calix Solutions Academy


Learn the essential skills and procedures you need to deploy the E9-2 Ethernet services access platform. In this class you will learn about the E9-2 platform, how to interconnect E9-2 shelves, how to turn up an E9-2 system, how to configure a layer 3 link aggregation group uplink, how to enable DHCP and URL redirect, and how to configure layer 3 transport services.

Duration: 4 hours

Who should attend

  • Central office and field technicians and installers, network planners, and engineers who install, manage, maintain, troubleshoot, and configure E9-2 networks 


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of the E9-2 chassis, shelf types, and capacity
  • Connect an E9-2 aggregation shelf and access shelves
  • Connect to a local management port and log into the CLI
  • Understand the CLI modes
  • Configure the system craft interface
  • Provision an E9-2 shelf with basic system settings
  • Configure a Layer 3 LAG uplink 
  • Enable DHCP on the E9-2
  • Enable URL Redirect
  • Create the transport services needed to turn up layer 3 services on an E9-2