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Jan 25, 2024
3 min

How SmartBiz Can Help You Build New Market Opportunities

Entering new markets is risky. Growth-focused broadband service providers (BSPs) understand the reward at the other end of investing in new fiber builds, but savvy leaders are always looking for ways to test new markets before committing substantial time and money.

At the same time, small businesses need a better internet experience. Most United States businesses have fewer than 20 employees and rely on shoestring budgets with no room for IT departments. 

Calix SmartBiz™ is an ideal solution both for BSPs looking to grow market share in 2024 and business owners who need a purpose-built solution that keeps their business, employees, and customers connected and protected. 

Configuring SmartBiz and Calix Gateways for Off-Net Support

By leveraging the Calix Cloud® with GigaSpire® and GigaPro™ gateways, you can offer SmartBiz on a different provider’s network. Prior to off-net support, BSPs were restricted to selling their managed Wi-Fi services only to businesses within their fiber territory. Once configured, the gateway and SmartBiz can be managed no differently than if they were on your own network—opening up new business opportunities. 

Following are three ways you can leverage SmartBiz off-net support to help grow your business.  

1. Expand Market Share and Revenue Outside Your Network 

Even if you aren’t planning to offer internet services in an area, SmartBiz offers a new opportunity for you to capture market share and grow ARPU. With SmartBiz off-net, you can start selling managed Wi-Fi services to small businesses outside your service area. Businesses installing a pre-configured GigaSpire or GigaPro can take advantage of SmartBiz to help improve their network security and business productivity.  

2. Build Brand Recognition Before an Upcoming Fiber Rollout 

Introduce your services to some of the most influential members of your community: small business owners. Months before you install fiber in an area, your teams can begin marketing and selling SmartBiz. After businesses purchase SmartBiz, they will already know who you are—making it much easier to sell them on your new internet service.  

3. Support Multi-Location Businesses Inside and Outside Your Service Area 

Off-net support eliminates objections a multi-location business may have about adopting SmartBiz. It also opens the door to a greater relationship with those businesses that are growing quickly and need a managed Wi-Fi solution purpose-built for their unique challenges.  

Calix continues to evolve SmartBiz with an eye on consistently innovating for you and your small business customers. With features such as staff management, network resilience, and 24/7 network security, you are well-positioned to offer IT-level solutions to small businesses on a tight budget. By providing personalized services, you can also help your community thrive by supporting community-leading organizations. 

Learn how SmartBiz can help your business grow by scheduling a call with a SmartBiz expert.

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