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May 02, 2024
2 min

Deploy and Support Community-Wi-Fi with SmartTown and Calix Cloud

A mother and daughter viewing a laptop connected with community Wi-Fi

Subscriber expectations of both their broadband provider and their broadband services continue to evolve. Subscribers want more robust coverage, better support and new services so they can enjoy broadband services, anywhere and at any time.

One way broadband service providers (BSPs) can meet new expectations is by extending their quality residential service throughout the town and beyond. Community Wi-Fi allows subscribers to enjoy reliable high-capacity Wi-Fi anywhere their day takes them, opening new opportunities to work and play from anywhere.

As a broadband service provider considers Community Wi-Fi, they want to understand how to introduce it with minimal impact to their customer support staff.


Enable Seamless Support for Community Wi-Fi

Calix SmartTown provides an innovative, secure, and safe Wi-Fi experience that unites unique on-the-go communities –such as first responders–driving customer loyalty and new business opportunities. SmartTown can also propel service excellence by fueling innovation.

SmartTown is built on top of the same support management system used to manage residential and small business subscribers. By leveraging the Calix Cloud, you can easily deploy, manage, and support SmartTown on a single platform. With Calix Support Cloud, your team can quickly troubleshoot any concerns with service activation insights and subscription details at the ready.

In the past, community Wi-Fi deployments were a hassle. They required separate hardware and management systems. Today, there is no need to swivel-chair between multiple platforms, eliminating confusion for your support team and allowing leaders to create more efficiencies. With the ever-growing portfolio of GigaPros and GigaSpires, you can deploy safe, secure, authenticated Wi-Fi in any residential, SMB, community, or MDU location.

Customer support can lead the charge for a better subscriber experience, combining Wi-Fi services that follow customers wherever they may be and proactive support through the Calix Broadband Platform and Calix Service Cloud.

Subscribers want their service provider to meet them where they are, meaning BSPs should support every aspect of a subscriber connectivity both inside and outside the home. From residential services to community-wide Wi-Fi, you can now offer anyone fast, reliable connectivity in their home, backyard, and beyond no matter where their day takes them.


Learn more about how Calix SmartTown can help you deliver subscriber excellence by downloading the SmartTown Solution Brief.

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager - SmartTown

Teresa Mastrangelo is the senior manager, access edge Marketing at Calix. Teresa is responsible for product marketing activities related to the Intelligent Access Edge products. She has over 30 years of experience in the broadband segment. Before Calix, Teresa held roles at NEC America, Advanced Fibre Communications, Cisco Systems, and Appalachian Power. Teresa has a BSEE from Virginia Tech.

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