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May 15, 2024
2 min

How To Seamlessly Expand and Deploy Into Exciting New Wi-Fi Markets

In our increasingly connected world, new use cases are constantly emerging. If you serve agricultural communities, you’re likely seeing demand to expand Wi-Fi coverage across acres of farmland for agritech, sensors, timers, or remote external buildings, such as equipment sheds or storage barns. Other use cases for long-range Wi-Fi exist in community recreational areas such as parks, boating marinas, and RV parks. These represent potential new revenue-generating opportunities for broadband service providers (BSPs).

But moving into these new markets can be daunting, especially for BSPs focused solely on serving residential subscribers. Will expanded Wi-Fi require new systems, processes, and employees? Will the return on investment (ROI) take too long to materialize? Not with the Calix Broadband Platform!


The Fast and Easy Way To Expand Your Wi-Fi Coverage Capabilities

A key attribute of Calix’s platform-based approach to service delivery is the ability to tap into new market opportunities quickly and cost-effectively. Implementing new systems, such as long-range managed Wi-Fi, is no different than introducing a new Wi-Fi system in the home. Everything works on the same common software platform with the same insights, automation, and troubleshooting capabilities made possible by Calix Cloud®. This seamless technology evolution enables BSPs to confidently expand offerings without reinventing the wheel. In addition, consistent service models and workflows allow BSPs to simplify operational tasks, build end-to-end orchestration and management, and integrate workflows to further reduce operating expenses.

Calix is continually evolving our family of Wi-Fi systems to offer innovative deployment options and address use cases. Our new GigaPro® p6dx, for example, is a long-range Wi-Fi/mesh satellite system that can:

  • Extend connectivity further than ever before. This powerful point-to-multipoint solution extends the Wi-Fi connection over one mile, providing connectivity to previously cost-prohibitive locations that lack facilities or power.

  • Support a range of new managed services beyond the home. The p6dx provides an attractive new deployment option for BSPs rolling out managed services to high acreage or outdoor businesses with SmartBiz™ and communities with SmartTown™.

  • Tap into new revenue-generating markets. The p6dx is ideal for addressing the growing demand for long-range Wi-Fi coverage on farms, marinas, golf courses, RV parks, public municipal properties, and much more.

The Calix Broadband Platform is a springboard for success, enabling BSPs to deploy innovative solutions quickly and easily, cost-effectively enter and serve new market opportunities, and address new use cases.


Learn more about how Calix GigaPro systems are helping to empower enterprises, cities, and communities.

Director, Product Marketing, Unlimited Subscriber, Calix

Kevin Kuo is the director, product marketing, Unlimited Subscriber at Calix. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications, manufacturing, broadband, and wireless industries, working for AT&T, AT&T Mobility, Motorola, and Nokia.

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