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Jan 29, 2024
2 min

Turn Automated Network Health Monitoring Into a Competitive Advantage

It used to be that the first person aware of a problem with the network was the subscriber. Suffering from poor speeds, an unstable connection, or a full outage, the subscriber would contact customer support, and customer support would escalate the issue to network operations. Nobody wins in this situation. Customer support hasn’t been able to resolve the issue, operations has other urgent problems to address, and—of course—the subscriber is not receiving the service they were promised.

But what if this situation could be flipped? What if operations teams were the first to be made aware of the problem? This dream is becoming a reality for broadband service providers (BSPs) running operations on the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE platforms and Calix Cloud software. Operations teams can quickly resolve network issues by proactively identifying problems and automating health and traffic monitoring.

By deploying Calix Operations Cloud, for example, BSPs can:

  • Proactively address network issues before they impact subscribers. By accessing a geographic view of network events, teams can more quickly resolve issues by visualizing direct subscriber impacts and analyzing historical trends.

  • Increase operational efficiencies and boost productivity. Automated network monitoring relieves broadband operations teams from repetitive network tasks. This frees up valuable human resources and lowers OPEX.

  • Dramatically reduce truck tolls. Because Operations Cloud offers operations teams real-time network visibility, they can address many issues remotely — reducing or eliminating the need for a field technician to check equipment in the cabinet or visit the customer’s premises.


The Secret to Sensational Subscriber Satisfaction Scores

One BSP taking advantage of these capabilities is McDonald County Telephone Company of Pineville, Missouri. The BSP uses Operations Cloud to provide a complete picture of network health, simplifying operations by replacing several previously separate health monitoring, alarm management, and traffic analytics tools into one comprehensive solution. It also uses Operation Cloud during installations at the subscriber premises, allowing its field technicians to validate ONT light levels on installs—and further reducing the need for truck rolls.

“Being able to streamline and automate our day-to-day tasks has paid off in both OPEX reduction and increased subscriber satisfaction,” says Jack Rickett, Network Supervisor, McDonald County Telephone Company. “Calix Operations Cloud is an invaluable solution for our broadband operations teams.”

By automating network health tests and traffic monitoring, BSPs, such as McDonald County, have fundamentally transformed how network issues are identified, reported, and resolved. What used to be the subscriber reporting a problem can now be flipped into an issue being proactively fixed. The results include dramatically lower operating expenses, greater efficiencies, and subscriber satisfaction scores above the industry average.

Discover more by downloading our latest eBook: How Embracing Automation Can Boost Productivity, Lower Costs, and Transform Your Operations.

Director, Product Marketing, Revenue EDGE Systems, Calix

Kevin Kuo is the director, product marketing, Revenue EDGE Systems at Calix. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications, manufacturing, broadband, and wireless industries, working for AT&T, AT&T Mobility, Motorola, and Nokia.

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