March 21, 2023 by Rebekah Cremer

The 5 Sources That Make Work Meaningful—And How Calix Addresses Them


Rebekah Cremer

Director of Talent Acquisition, Calix


In 2022, about 50.5 million people quit their jobs to pursue greener pastures. According to McKinsey & Company, only 50 percent of employees find meaning in their work—but it matters more than ever. When employees do find their work meaningful, performance improves by 33 percent, they’re 75 percent more committed to their organization, and 49 percent are less likely to leave. 

This is precisely why Calix prioritizes showing the impact of every employee’s work by connecting to the greater good, deploying reward programs internally, investing across the entire employee experience, and creating growth pathways for all. Calix employees learn exactly how they’re shaping communities around the globe with broadband connectivity—and they see how broadband boosts economic, social, and educational opportunities. 

McKinsey & Company also reported that there are five sources that really create a meaningful work environment: society, company, customers, team, and personal success. These five sources must be highlighted regularly so that every employee understands the impact they’re making. Here’s how we approach them at Calix.

  1. Society: Work that matters extends beyond the office—and out into the world. It’s critical for Calix employees to see the impact they have on society at large. We help our employees understand that broadband isn’t an industry trapped in a vacuum. Broadband helps people everywhere by connecting them to tangible benefits: homework, medical records, first responder networks, small business point-of-sale systems, and so much more.

  2. Company: When organizations and employees share values and come together, it benefits them both. We want our mission to reflect our employees—and vice versa. That’s why we’re dedicated to opening a dialogue where employees can share what excites them, why they’re here, and what we could do better to support them and their stakeholders.

  3. Customers: At Calix, we work hand-in-hand with our customers. They’re at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are adding a new feature to our Calix Cloud or awarding their incredible work at ConneXions, we put our focus on customer relationships and their success. For many employees, it's very powerful to see their effort pay off in customer success stories. That’s why we’ve created a loop of feedback with investments in Customer Success and the Calix Community. Our customers become a part of our ecosystem, just like our employees. 

  4. Team: Our success is shared. Teams unite us, inspire us, and hold us accountable. Calix employees lean on each other because we’re an organization of high performers. We’ve dedicated resources to help teams of all sizes—even when most team members are remote. Employees are encouraged to meet up locally if they’re close to each other. We hold in-person events each year. We also leverage many tools to keep employees engaged for a safe, empowered environment. 

  5. Personal success: Last but certainly not least, every employee needs recognition for their hard work, a growth path for continued development, and autonomy. At Calix, we reward outstanding employees every quarter. We are establishing growth paths for everyone, whether they are people leaders or individual contributors. We aim for everyone to have a dedicated plan, and we check in on those plans regularly. 

Calix is dedicated to making work meaningful for every employee. By focusing on these five proven sources, we will continue to boost effort, engagement, and excitement across the entire organization for a long time to come. 

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