January 4, 2023 by Terry O'Reilly

Become the Einstein of Service Providers

Service Providers

Terry O'Reilly

Host of CBC Radio’s Under the Influence; Co-Founder, The Apostrophe Podcast Company; Speaker; Author


As we look at the potential opportunities of a brand-new year, I want to talk to you about a very important aspect of your marketing.

But first, a few questions.

Do you recognize this pipe-smoking gentleman?

How about this bearded gent?

What about this serious face?

How about this guy?

All four of these esteemed men are famous scientists who changed the world. It could be argued that each of their inventions or theories is equally impressive.

The first face above is Edwin Hubble. He discovered that the universe was expanding and had a powerful telescope named after him.

The second gentleman is Wilhelm Röntgen, who discovered X-rays.

The third serious mug belongs to Max Planck, who developed quantum theory.

And the fourth is Albert Einstein, who gave us the theory of relativity: E = mc2.

All important, life-altering scientists. But I bet you only recognized Mr. Einstein. That’s because he was a great brand.

Einstein Was a Great Brand

Einstein had a unique point of view. He stood out from all other scientists in a crowded field. He offered the world a brand-new set of tools to understand physics. 

And Einstein had a unique look. He defined the public perception of scientists for all time, didn’t he? 

I give you Christopher Lloyd in
“Back To The Future.”


And above all, Einstein had personality in category not known for personality.

In other words, he was the very definition of a great brand.

If I said, “She’s the Einstein of accounting,” you would know exactly what I meant because the word “Einstein” is a shorthand we all share.  

Einstein is such a famous brand he has displaced many other great thinkers in our minds. That’s why you didn’t recognize those other three renowned scientists.

And could I not argue that Rontgen’s invention of the X-Ray touches your life more directly than E = mc2 does? Yet Einstein is still the more powerful brand.

A Brand Is a Valuable Thing

When you think about your company’s marketing, keep this in mind.

The first goal is to stand out in the marketplace. The company with the most unique and clearly-defined image will almost always win.

So what are the building blocks of branding?

Essentially, they are the answers to these questions:

  • What makes your company unique?
  • What unique experiences do you bring to your customers?
  • What is your special skill set?
  • What are your insights?
  • What do you do that your competition doesn't do?
  • Why does this matter to your customers and potential customers?
  • What makes you the best choice when it comes to service providers?

Blending In Is the Sin

As a marketer, you must carve out a brand identity for your company using the amazing tools, data, and insights at your fingertips.

If you have a strong brand with the best price point, you win. But here’s where powerful branding really kicks in:

When all things are equal—if your competition can match your offerings or your price point—but your company has the most distinct branding—people will choose to do business with you.

Conversely, if your brand identity is weak or inconsistent, your acquisitions will always be disappointingly low.

The Prerequisite for Growth

Make a resolution to get your organization ready to succeed. Create and maintain great branding.

One last point: In case you don’t agree that Einstein was a great brand, guess how much his estate makes from licensing his image every year?

Answer: $10 million dollars. 

And Einstein died in1955.

How much money does Rontgen’s estate make from licensing his image?


Be the Einstein of service providers. 

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