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Oct 13, 2023
3 min

Small, But Mighty: (Re)Introducing the E3-2 Intelligent PON Node

Let’s paint a picture for broadband service providers (BSPs): Do you have locations that are hard to reach (often lacking a sufficient fiber network) or where building a cabinet-based solution is cost-prohibitive? What about MDUs where equipment must be placed in a basement, telecom closet, or outside the building? How do you cost-effectively serve smaller pockets of subscribers in a distributed optical line terminal (OLT) architecture?

For all these instances and more, you're covered with Calix’s E3-2 intelligent passive optical network (PON) node! Designed to be flexible and modular, the E3-2 addresses various use cases that span telco and MSO segments. Leveraging the same AXOS platform as the E9-2 and E7-2, the E3-2 offers common operational workflows and service modules, stateful operations, and integration capabilities into any SDN/OSS platform. This simplifies your operations and enables you to deliver highly resilient 10G services from virtually any location. The E3-2 can also be deployed in days versus weeks.

Boundless Deployment Flexibility

The E3-2 enables BSPs to reach more subscribers in virtually any location—even the most challenging operating environments—with its environmentally hardened, IP-68-rated modular deploy-anywhere design.

Mounting flexibility allows the E3-2 to be mounted aerially, on a wall, pedestal, or pole. This deploy-anywhere design eliminates many of the challenges and costs associated with deploying a cabinet—such as land acquisition, securing permits, or the need for active cooling. As a result, BSPs dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), plus deliver faster construction and service activation (compared to a cabinet-based solution).

Deployment flexibility also extends to the modular power supplies, allowing the E3-2 to use whatever power sources are available including commercial AC power (110V/220V), -48VDC powering, battery backup, 60V/90V coax AC, and ±190VDC span power (with an external unit).

Optics flexibility is a hallmark of the Calix AnyPON strategy, which supports any optic at any distance. This flexibility extends to:

  • Multi-PON modules (MPM) that support GPON and XGS-PON without needing an external coexistence element.
  • Multiple uplink options offered on the E3-2 (10G/25G/100G), enabling deployment in various network configurations—including the same 100G ring as the E9 and E7 systems.

In addition, AnyPON optic auto-discovery capabilities simplify the turn-up process by automatically discovering the type of PON optic module and configuring the PON port.

Secure and Serviceable

The sealed nature of the E3-2 makes it ideal for deployments in locations without physical security (strand-mounted, wall-mounted, or pole-mounted). From a serviceability standpoint, everything in the E3-2 can be upgraded and serviced in the field—while zero-touch provisioning capabilities allow you to automatically configure OLTs, activate new subscribers, or upgrade existing subscribers with no manual intervention.

Additionally, the Diagnostics Toolbox allows BSPs to remotely identify and address issues, reducing costly unnecessary truck rolls.

E3-2 Business Benefits

The benefits of the Calix E3-2 are truly unmatched:

  • Enables faster service turn-up in areas where fiber is at a premium.
  • Accelerates deployment and market entry to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Supports multiple use cases, such as in high-density locations with a distributed access architecture or low-density locations with hard-to-reach rural customers.
  • Eliminates the cost and time associated with new cabinets while offering exceptional services virtually anywhere—helping close the digital divide in areas that have historically been underserved.


Download our solution brief to learn more about the Intelligent Access Edge Solution that the E3-2 system runs on.

Senior Manager, Access Systems Marketing, Calix

Teresa Mastrangelo is the senior manager, access edge Marketing at Calix. Teresa is responsible for product marketing activities related to the Intelligent Access Edge products. She has over 30 years of experience in the broadband segment. Before Calix, Teresa held roles at NEC America, Advanced Fibre Communications, Cisco Systems, and Appalachian Power. Teresa has a BSEE from Virginia Tech.

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