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Sep 26, 2023
3 min

How Does a Single-Pane-Of-Glass Improve Efficiency and Strengthen Data?

The technology service providers use to deliver and manage services—and how those tools communicate and share data with each other—are fundamental considerations for any service provider. This is especially true for broadband service providers (BSPs), where technology is the foundation of the ecosystem for the services they can offer and support.

A BSP’s technology stack typically includes multiple software tools to conduct business and manage services. The stack consists of tools that help with subscriber management, ticketing, billing, service orchestration, remote monitoring and management, device deployment and management, cybersecurity, and more. While these tools can help a BSP immensely in supporting subscribers and growing their business, they can also introduce new challenges. Each tool comes with its own costs and training needs, so it’s vital for BSPs to purposefully consider any tools added to ensure maximum benefit. 

One way BSPs can mitigate issues from a diverse tool kit is to choose software with single-pane-of-glass capabilities—unifying all data and tools across different sources and presenting them in a single view. This enables BSPs to present data from multiple tools for various teams and support staff in one place (a single pane of glass) instead of switching between different applications.

There are several benefits to software sharing functions and data sources, but it primarily helps make support and operations teams more efficient. Presenting all of the essential information about a subscriber in a single view increases productivity and reduces resolution times—ultimately improving the customer experience. 

While tools and technology aren’t the only factors that determine a BSP’s success, having the right software and systems in place makes success easier. Choosing single-pane-of-glass solutions can help BSPs succeed in delivering optimal experiences for their customers.

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Chief Technology Officer, PRTC

Tony Stout is the Chief Technology Officer at PRTC. Tony is responsible for overseeing strategic direction for building and expanding PRTC’s next-generation network infrastructure, as well as managing the company’s daily engineering and operational duties. Tony has been instrumental in developing PRTC’s strategic plan for transforming the Cooperative’s legacy network into an all-fiber, all-IP next-gen network. In 2020, PRTC acquired CDG, a telecom OSS/BSS solutions provider. Tony was appointed CTO for CDG, overseeing the company’s technology, software engineering, IT, and technical support teams.

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