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Sep 13, 2023
4 min

3 Things Every Marketer Needs for a Successful Go-to-Market Strategy

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For broadband marketers, developing a differentiated offering strategy is essential to remain competitive. Shifting away from selling exclusively on speed and price will build strong relationships and win subscribers for life—but it requires new ways of thinking. Evolving your go-to-market starts with embracing innovative managed services that deliver unparalleled experiences.


Launch Your Unique Offering Strategy With Confidence

At Calix, our Premier Customer Success Services take a consultative approach to all our engagements. We’re here to help you make the pivot to become an experience provider—embracing new connected products and technologies. When we meet with customers, from the smallest rural cooperative to the most advanced broadband service provider (BSP), we start by working through three foundational principles that will set you on the path for success:

  1. Review your brand positioning. Creating a differentiated brand that embraces your local roots can help signal your connection to the community when competitors start creeping in. Customer Success supports this by drawing on a combination of market research, BSP insights, and industry trends to create a brand positioning methodology that is tailored for you. SCTelcom stands out for how they avoid the “speed trap” and offer experiences for their members and communities. They raised the bar with their recent launch of Calix SmartTown™ in Attica, Kansas, which gave members, residents, and students community internet access throughout the downtown area. SCTelcom engaged their community—particularly students—with fun, interactive launch activities that showcased the impact SmartTown can have. Their marketing reinforces SCTelcom’s core brand values and their commitment to their communities, differentiating them in competitive service areas.

  2. Define your offering strategy. Developing a differentiated offering strategy comes next. Your products should match your brand position and give subscribers the connected experiences they want. We leverage competitor assessments, subscriber trends, and best practices we’ve discovered from working with 1,500 BSPs to help you develop product portfolios that perform, grow, and satisfy your subscriber needs today and tomorrow. To drive greater adoption of Calix SmartHome™ in home wifi services ProtectIQ® (for wireless network security) and ExperienceIQ® (parental control app​), Singing Rivers moved from an a la carte model to offer a bundle that included both services—branded as the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience. The response was phenomenal: They boosted subscriber uptake of the services by 192 percent in just six months. By leveraging Calix Engegement Cloud* and resources in our Electronic Content Builder (ECB), Singing Rivers has already smashed their 2023 sales goal for the package.

  3. Build your campaign plan. Excellent marketing campaigns start with a great brand and quality offers. And they are fueled by data. Data-driven campaigns maximize your marketing impact. They raise brand awareness and increase subscriber acquisition and retention. Customer Success provides data-driven insights, geo-segment modeling, creative ideation, and best practices to create a campaign planner that is repeatable and improves your marketing key performance indicators (KPIs).

    One Calix Customer ran a series of highly targeted campaigns to promote a better Wi-Fi experience and increase uptake of SmartHome managed services. Leveraging Marketing Cloud* insights, marketing channel integrations, and content from the Calix Market Activation program, the  marketers drove service-tier upgrades that added more than $325,000 of customer lifetime value (CLV) and increased average revenue per user (ARPU) by 16 percent in six months, while increasing adoption of ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ by 174 percent in one year.


Trust Your Instincts While Leveraging All Available Resources

Often the answer to what seems like the most daunting, complex problem is the simplest. Evolving your go-to-market strategies to build exciting new subscriber experiences relies on core marketing principles. The key is to understand what your subscribers want and need, develop tailored offerings to meet those demands, and then leverage highly targeted marketing to reach the right subscribers at the right time.

We know that optimizing the subscriber experience varies for marketers based on their size, their location, and the demographics of their community. Engaging with Customer Success eliminates the guesswork. Together, we find the strategy that works best to create more value for your subscribers and more growth for your business.

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