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May 10, 2023
6 min

What's Better Than An Award? Seeing Our Customers Win Big With Marketing

As a marketer, you’re always trying to build your brand. So, we were thrilled that Calix was recently named the winner of not one but three awards recognizing innovation and excellence in marketing. It’s gratifying to see the investment we’ve made in developing Calix Engagement Cloud and the Calix Market Activation program validated by leading tech and advertising industry organizations like Cloud Computing Magazine, Internet Telephony, and Digiday.

With breakthrough capabilities introduced in 2022, Engagement Cloud stands out as the industry’s only solution that enables broadband service providers (BSPs) to enrich their subscriber experience insights with demographic, psychographic, and geographic data. This means that marketers can acquire new subscribers, move into new markets, and reach specific audiences with precision. And at significantly lower cost. It gets even better when you pair Engagement Cloud with the agency-quality creative assets and resources of the Market Activation program. The award-winning Gerry Dee video series—and hundreds of other customizable materials—helps BSPs keep their brand front and center and get to market in record time.

Execute Campaigns That Increase Revenue by 25 Percent, Cut Time-to-Market in Half

What’s even better than winning awards? Seeing the impact that Calix-partnered BSPs are having with these marketing solutions. Even the smallest marketing teams can deliver amazing results that would be the envy of much larger rivals. Executing marketing campaigns that increase revenue by 25 percent. Driving 314 percent more upgrades while cutting marketing cost per upgrade by 75 percent. Reducing go-to-market time and expense by more than 50 percent. And the list goes on.

But you don’t have to take our word for it—here’s what our customers are saying about Calix marketing solutions.

Nate Palmer, Vice President, Marketing, CentraCom

“The easily customizable Gerry Dee market activation videos from Calix are a testament to how humor enables us to further develop close ties with our subscribers. Our customer-first approach defines our brand value in our Utah communities, many of which we have served for over a century. Our marketing team leveraged these videos to promote our Wi-Fi service across multiple channels to a strong reception. The ability to leverage these world-class creative assets frees up our team to focus on how else we can improve the subscriber experience. We can’t wait to see what Calix and Dee come up with next.”

Elizabeth Brown, Marketing Manager, PTCI

“The robust audience segmentation capabilities in Marketing Cloud* enabled us to run highly effective marketing campaigns that engaged our unique subscribers—from grandparents to gamers—on their preferred communication channels. We never dreamed an outbound call campaign could be this effective at starting a conversation about service upgrades in 2022. We now better understand our subscribers’ communication preferences. Marketing Cloud* helped us find new ways to improve our subscribers’ experiences, leading to increased ARPU. It’s a win-win. We look forward to the continued business success generated by our partnership with Calix. We are excited to see what other opportunities the company’s unwavering marketing innovation, like the recent launch of new Marketing Cloud* capabilities, will bring to PTCI and our mission to create unbeatable subscriber experiences.”

Melissa Lease, Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales, MHTC

“Our partnership with Calix demonstrates that even small marketing teams can have a giant-sized impact. The Revenue EDGE platform enables us to run unparalleled managed Wi-Fi that can support a growing portfolio of value-added managed services. Marketing Cloud* gives us access to a subscriber insights engine to better understand our subscribers. Then the Market Activation Program makes it easy for us to pair those insights with customizable, agency-quality materials to run campaigns that drive growth and maximize our marketing return on investment. As a result, we can more easily expand and grow the exceptional subscriber experience that MHTC is known to provide.”

Amy Ahlers, Marketing Manager, Alliance Communications

“Marketing Cloud* unlocks new growth opportunities by enabling us to leverage our data to learn about completely new audiences. The expanded data and insights help us understand the tech habits and internet usage trends of households in new communities so we can tailor our email messages to address the issues they care about. By boosting our acquisition email campaign open rates by a colossal 65 percent among people who do not know our brand, we now have a direct line of communications to prospects. That is a subscriber acquisition game changer.”

Wendy Crenner, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, SCTelcom

“Our partnership with Calix has completely transformed our value proposition. The Market Activation Program provides us with an unbelievable advantage by enabling us to quickly create highly engaging, world-class content, like the Gerry Dee videos, that promote the value of our services to our subscribers across south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma. Our team also gets great value from the courses in Broadband Academy, which give us industry-specific skills and enable us to see greater ROI from our marketing efforts.”

Gina Shuler, Vice President of Marketing, Home Telecom

“Our deployment of Calix Marketing Cloud* marked a turning point in our marketing capabilities. We started with a 60-day campaign to drive upgrades to our 1 Gbps service, specifically targeting the work-from-home demographic. The performance improvement with Marketing Cloud* was phenomenal. Compared to the previous campaign, upgrades were up 314 percent and we cut the marketing cost per upgrade by 75 percent. In the past five years, we’ve doubled our internet subscriber base—creating additional cross-sell opportunities. Our CEO previously hadn’t seen the need for Marketing Cloud*—but these results converted him. And what’s even more incredible? This level of success we first experienced has been replicated in every single campaign we’ve since run on Marketing Cloud*.”

Samantha Chavez, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager, Tularosa Communications

“We could not have been more thrilled with the results from our first campaign featuring the Gerry Dee videos. The quality of the videos is amazing, everything from the scripts to the casting to the production—we would never have been able to create assets like this. We were able to easily personalize the spot and get to market immediately with a campaign that effectively promotes our brand, drives engagement, and increases revenue. Calix gives us everything we need to run marketing campaigns that are sophisticated and highly professional, but without the huge price tag. This is just one more way that Calix is helping us excite our subscribers and grow our business.”

Want to learn how you can deliver giant-size marketing impact and an exceptional experience for your subscribers? Check out the award-winning Calix Marketing Cloud* and Calix Market Activation Program.

*As of November 2023, Calix Marketing Cloud has been renamed to Calix Engagement Cloud. Learn more.

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Quanda Hunter is a senior product marketing manager at Calix, responsible for the strategic marketing execution for Calix cloud solutions. She has over 10 years in the IT and telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Calix, she led global marketing and demand generation roles at IBM. Quanda has an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a B.A. in journalism. 

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