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May 12, 2023
3 min

Own the Wi-Fi Experience for Better Customer Satisfaction

When subscribers struggle with unreliable Wi-Fi, your business can get blamed.

The fact is, Wi-Fi technology operates within an unlicensed spectrum (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands) with an uncoordinated protocol known as the Collision-Sense Multiple Access (CSMA). This is a cost-effective approach, but vulnerable to interference when other devices, like hotspots, microwaves, and Bluetooth speakers, use the same spectrum.

This interference can cause subscribers to assume their Internet connectivity is unreliable and call to complain. And it can be difficult to convince customers that the issue may be a cheap router and nearby wireless interference.

How can you counteract this to provide a bulletproof Wi-Fi experience? Providing your own wireless equipment as part of your broadband service along with a software platform that helps you monitor and manage connectivity performance.

By “owning” the wireless experience, you can ensure more consistent performance of your broadband service. You can also troubleshoot more easily because you know the type of equipment your customer is using, reducing the number of variables you need to consider to solve the issue. But most importantly, you can better control the customer experience for greater satisfaction and improved customer loyalty.

Take Control of Subscriber Satisfaction

What does this look like in action? First, you’ll need to find wireless solutions that can deliver what your subscribers need. A gaming household will have high-bandwidth needs, while a household with a larger footprint may require a mesh solution. Finding a trusted partner that offers an interchangeable portfolio of wireless solutions gives you the flexibility to create wireless packages or customized installations based on customers’ usage and objectives.

Next, you’ll want a software solution that helps you manage connectivity performance. With this level of oversight, you can manage services, automatically receive alerts on network outages or system health, and even proactively identify and resolve performance issues—in some cases before customers even notice or have time to pick up the phone. This gives you end-to-end visibility into your subscriber experience so you can identify where and how to optimize your business.

As more wireless devices are introduced and the ways subscribers use high-performance connectivity evolve, Wi-Fi interference issues could become even more prevalent and problematic. As a service provider, it’s critical to control the variables that can impact how customers view the reliability of your connectivity to ensure subscribers stay connected, engaged, and satisfied.

Learn how Calix Support Cloud, our service management platform, and our GigaSpire portfolio of wireless solutions can help you improve your subscriber experience.

Senior Marketing Manager, Segment Marketing

Susan Higgins is the senior marketing manager, segment marketing at Calix. Susan supports the wireless ISP (WISP) segment and brings over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, focusing on communications, market research, strategy, and sales enablement. Before Calix, Susan worked for Frontier Communications, Verizon Wholesale, and Sprint. Susan holds a B.A. in mathematics and psychology, an MBA in B2B marketing, a professional diploma in customer experience, and is a certified digital marketing professional (AMA+DMI).

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