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Mar 14, 2023
3 min

How Highline Achieves Outstanding Subscriber Experience through Innovative Managed Services

Highline has a 126-year track record in telecommunications, and we’ve been developing fiber networks for 27 of those years. We started offering fiber because we believe that everyone, no matter where they live, deserves instant access to today’s digital world. That’s why we are committed to connecting subscribers in unserved, underserved, and unhappily served areas across the country.

Delivering a Differentiated Experience Through Managed Services

We strive to create experiences that people rave about. And subscriber experience goes beyond high-speed internet. We want to deliver superior, whole-home solutions based on exciting managed services built on our superior Wi-Fi service. That’s why we made the strategic decision to partner with Calix—and we haven’t looked back. Our Ultimate Wi-Fi experience, based on the Calix Revenue EDGE™ platform, is one reason we’ve been able to differentiate ourselves, particularly in competitive markets.

Keeping Our Subscribers and Their Families Safe

One of the most important things we did last year was give all our subscribers ProtectIQ® home network security and ExperienceIQ® for advanced network controls at no extra charge. We’re now protecting our subscribers from almost 32,000 web threats, intrusions, viruses, and malware each month. Of course, we’re not standing still—we’re already exploring new, such as parenting tool Bark social media monitoring and Arlo Secure connected home security solutions.

Accelerating Time to Market for New Services

A big part of our managed services success comes down to our work with the Customer Success team on our go to market strategy. As a Revenue EDGE shop, we have access to launch support, including deep marketing analytics and customizable creative assets that reduce time to market. We’ve taken advantage of the Electronic Content Builder (ECB) to easily produce agency-quality marketing materials that truly “speak” to our subscribers in communicating the benefits of managed services.

Charting an Aggressive Growth Path to Double Subscribers

This differentiated experience is helping us to accelerate growth. After we increased subscribers by 56 percent in 2022—doubling the number of subscribers using Calix GigaSpire® BLAST systems—we plan to double our data subscriber base by the end of 2023. It’s an aggressive growth path, particularly when we operate in markets with short build seasons and unforgiving terrain that make deploying fiber a bit more challenging. But this is just part of our five-year plan to continue growing across Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Texas, and we’re focused on getting it done.

Ensuring Subscriber Satisfaction and Building Brand Loyalty

We put our subscribers first in everything that we do—ensuring their satisfaction is the top priority across our entire company. This strategy has paid off. In 2022, our subscribers gave us a customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating of 93, three points over our goal. We increased our CSAT by 12 percent thanks to regular measurement and actionable feedback. We survey our subscribers after every installation, as well as service truck rolls. We encourage them to share detailed feedback, something that’s even more important as we introduce new services. It’s the only way to deliver continuous improvement. Our goal for 2023: ensure our CSAT rating stays in the 90s.

We’re committed to the communities we serve. Calix helps us connect our communities, which others have ignored for far too long. We can provide the services that make our subscribers’ connected lives easier, safer, better. We’re just getting started—and we’re excited about what the future holds. Learn how you can gain the competitive advantage with managed services—watch the webinar replay “Managed Services with Exceptional Experiences: How Broadband Providers Win.”

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