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Sep 28, 2022
4 min

3 Ways OTTC Customer Support Keeps Our Subscribers Happy and the Competition on the Run

How do you know you’ve hit the bullseye with your subscribers? Reduced churn, for one. A high Net Promoter Score (NPS) is always a good sign. For us, we knew we hit the mark when a large, nationally recognized service provider bought a billboard to advertise against us.

You know you’re doing something right when you get a Tier 1 provider on the run. At OTTC, we’re proving time and again that the way to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace does not involve high speed and low prices. We win when we focus on delivering an exceptional subscriber experience—which is particularly important considering our subscriber base. 

As seasonal inhabitants, our subscribers leave the area for up to six months to escape our harsh winters. As a result, cancellations and churn are always a major concern—and speed alone is not enough to keep them locked in. We need to give them something more. That’s why we focus on delivering an exceptional subscriber experience. The results? An NPS of 76, a 5 percent decrease in churn, and 25 percent annual revenue growth.  

So how do we do it? We focus on what our customers want. Here are three customer support methods to keep your subscribers happy and help you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

  1. Bundle services for simplicity and revenue growth. Subscribers want a worry-free experience, so we keep things simple. Every subscriber gets the same package of services, including ProtectIQ® for home network security and ExperienceIQ® advanced parental controls. All they have to do is select from three tiers of bandwidth (and pricing), and we install and manage all their services. We even provide them with the OTTC Smart Home App (based on CommandIQ®) for self-service smart home management. In all, we provide a one-stop shop for subscribers that allows us to provide them with the managed services they want and need. This approach is paying off—we’ve increased our annual revenue by 25 percent as a result. 
  2. Deliver services subscribers want and value. With ProtectIQ, we blocked more than 5,000 threats for our subscribers in just one month. We’re also getting ready to launch Arlo Secure connected video monitoring cameras—giving subscribers even greater peace of mind. They can keep an eye on their properties no matter where they are. Now seasonal residents who previously might have disconnected when they left town have a big reason to keep their service year-round. 
  3. Align your entire organization around experience. Our top priority has always been to deliver a world-class subscriber experience. Company-wide training means every employee knows exactly what we do—and can describe it in the same way. We’ve standardized our installation processes. We invest the time to educate subscribers about their networks and services, and we communicate the benefits to them every chance we get. We’re all ambassadors for OTTC. This alignment helps us give subscribers a consistent, helpful experience. They appreciate it—and it’s why we have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76 and reduced subscriber churn by 5 percent. 

Calix Provides a Roadmap for Managed Services Success

The expanding ecosystem of managed services from Calix lets us stay ahead of our subscribers and seamlessly roll out new services. For example, we’re excited about Bark monitoring to protect children online and accidental damage protection from Servify Care™ —they solve top-of-mind problems for subscribers. Our support team has complete visibility into the subscriber experience with Calix Support Cloud as part of Revenue EDGE™ managed services. That means our technical support technicians can easily access subscriber information, update their plans, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. And now, with Smart Start for Managed Services, Calix provides a roadmap to help us bring services to market even faster and with better results. 

As a family-run business for five generations, we understand the need to evolve, so we provide our subscribers with the services they need now and will need in the future. With our exceptional subscriber experience—based on managed services and outstanding support—we’re perfectly placed to lead in our markets for the next 100 years and beyond. 

Watch the webinar “Want To Stand Out in New Markets? You Need Your Whole Team” to learn how OTTC is putting managed services at the center of subscriber experience. 


Director of NOC & Technical Support, Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies

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